Kenny Pickett Has Car and Playbook Stolen During Appearance at Local Car Dealership

Kenny Pickett got more than he bargained for during a recent promotional appearance. The Pittsburgh Steelers' QB lost his car and playbook in a theft.

At the beginning of Kenny Pickett’s pro career, he got the ball stolen from him a lot. The then-rookie Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback threw seven interceptions in his first four appearances. But he settled down as he gained experience and started to commit the thefts himself. Specifically, Pickett stole Steelers fans’ hearts.

The Pitt product went 6-2 down the stretch and produced late-game heroics on game-winning drives against the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens late in the season. His efforts helped get Pittsburgh, once 3-7, to a final record of 9-8 and on the precipice of the postseason. Pickett no doubt hoped to make great strides in his first real offseason as a pro.

Instead, he’s unfortunately right back where he started: getting things stolen from him. This time it’s not the ball, however. Instead, it’s the signal-caller’s car. And perhaps even worse than that, his playbook.

Kenny Pickett’s Car and Playbook Stolen From QB

According to this CBS Sports Report, Pickett’s car and the playbook inside were pilfered during a recent advertising appearance for, ironically, Bowser Chevrolet of Monroeville this past Wednesday, May 24. One might suspect the actor was a secret agent working on behalf of the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals.

Fortunately for Pickett and Pittsburgh, the details suggest otherwise. This instead sounds like a man having some kind of manic episode or other health issue.

According to the aforementioned CBS report, the suspect, a 60-year-old male named Christopher Carter, arrived at the dealership in his own vehicle. Surveillance cameras then caught him entering and leaving in Pickett’s blue SUV. Carter would then drive the stolen car back to his house and place his dog inside the vehicle.

Some kind of commotion ensued between Carter and a passerby resulting in a police response. In the interim, Carter left Pickett’s car beached at a stop sign to chase after his other dog. An area resident eventually came out and parked the car down the street.

When police arrived, they saw Carter pull the downspout pipe off his residence and, subsequently, fall down. He was taken off the scene by ambulance. Shortly thereafter, police were informed by then-arriving Bowser Chevrolet employees that the blue SUV on-site was Pickett’s stolen car.

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A stunned neighbor of Carter’s, Drew Borst, overheard enough of this commotion to step out and make sure he wasn’t imagining things — and to learn that the blue SUV parked outside his house belonged to a certain local quarterback.

“I thought, I got to see if I heard that correctly. So I walked out, and I said to the two Bowser kids, I said, ‘Did I hear that correctly?’ And they said, ‘Yeah,'” Borst explained.

“What are the odds that Kenny Pickett’s car got stolen? And parked in my front yard? You know this doesn’t happen every day,” Borst said.

No, Drew, it certainly doesn’t. Frankly, the tale reads more like a Mad Lib. Kenny Pickett will have to be more careful about where he keeps his keys, and his playbook, in the future.

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