Kelce Brothers Commercial: Hilarious Chunky Soup Ad Features Donna, Travis, and Jason

    The Kelce family has taken over the NFL world in the last year. The latest evidence of that is in the latest commercial that even their mom was in.

    Who has had it better in the NFL over the last year than the Kelce family? First, they met in the Super Bowl, then their podcast became a massive hit, and now Travis is dating a global megastar. Not bad for a pair of brothers who play the game of football for a living.

    As Jason and Travis have grown in fame, so has their family around them. Donna, their mother, has blossomed into a star in her own right, and that became abundantly clear in the latest Campbell Chunky Soup commercial, where it was a family affair, and Donna stole the show.

    Hilarious Kelce Family Commercials

    While Travis has been seen in many commercials over the last year, Jason has slowly but surely got in the mix as well. The two have become the face of the league in a sense, and the fact they have been able to do so together is another testament to their tight family bond. But the star who has seemed to steal the show has been their mother, Donna.

    The commercial shows Travis and Jason sitting at a table together when Travis’ phone goes off with the ringtone singing, “he’s a champion, Travis Kelce is a champion,” as Travis puts it to his ear and dances to the tune.

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    Jason looks at him and says, “Dude,” before Travis interjects, “It’s my new ringtone.” At this time, Donna makes her appearance, saying, “Travis! Zip it,” before handing Jason a bowl of soup and telling him, “It’s your year, big guy, let’s get you ready.”

    Mrs. Kelce saves the day from Travis teasing his bigger brother after last year’s Super Bowl victory and won’t let Jason forget who is the firstborn child in the Kelce household.

    Big Monday Night Matchup

    Beyond just the fun they have off the field, there is real business to attend to tonight in Kansas City. Travis and his Chiefs welcome Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles for a Super Bowl rematch on Monday Night Football. The matchup promises to be a Game of the Year candidate as both teams are playing a high level of football, and both look primed to make a run at the big game once again.

    The Kelce brothers play a huge part in each of their respective team’s success and when the two brothers square off on Monday night, it will just be another chapter in what has been a great year for the Kelce family.

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