Kansas City Chiefs offense will be scary in 2019

For the most part of the offseason, the staus of Kansas City Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill was in question. Now that he will be with the team the full season this Chiefs offense is a juggernaut.

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Since April there has been a dark cloud over the Kansas City Chiefs. After reports came out that pro bowl receiver Tyreek Hill was under investigation for allegations of child abuse, his future with the organization was in question. National media outlets took on the story and ran with it having no proof other than personal opinion. Local news outlet KCTV5 was irresponsible leaking an edited audio clip that left out critical details for anyone to be able to have an informed opinion.

After local radio station, 610 Sports Radio, released the full-length version of the clip the tide started to shift. Apart from fans of other NFL teams and media personalities with egos too big to check, opinions began to turn.

The allegations that have been made are severe and should never be taken lightly, but everyone deserves their ”day in court.”

The NFL has conducted its own investigation and decided Hill did nothing to deserve a discipline of any sorts. You can read the full statement here.

Whatever your opinion on the matter may be one thing is certain, Hill will play for KC, and that makes the Chiefs offense scary. Let’s take a look at the juggernaut of an attack that the reigning AFC West champs have coming into 2019.

Patrick Mahomes

We can’t start an evaluation of the Chiefs’ offense without first mentioning their MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In the National Football League, every season a superstar is born. From the time a player is drafted, expectations are set. At times a player can meet those expectations. Other times he can exceed them. One of those such players is Mahomes.

The NFL is said to be a passing league, and while that may be true, not all QBs are created equal. Let’s take passing yards, for example, just five signal-callers in the NFL have hit the 5,000 passing yard mark. In the final game of the season, Mahomes made that six.

Only two times has an NFL QB thrown for 50 touchdowns. Peyton Manning did it in 2013 with 55, and Tom Brady hit the 50 TD mark in 2007. If Mahomes wanted to reach that landmark, he could now check that off his bucket list after throwing for 50 TDs in 2018.

Still not impressed? Well if you read those stats you should. In 2018 Mahomes became only the second QB to have 50 TD and 5,000 passing yards in the same season. The other was Manning in 2013.

Still not enough? I’ll leave you with this.

Travis Kelce

The next player that deserves to be mentioned is Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. You will find few who will argue that Kelce is the best TE currently playing in the game. In 2018 he ranked second among TE in targets (139), receptions (103), receiving yards (1336), and receiving TDs (10).

He is a big body target for Mahomes, who is always a threat in the endzone.

Tyreek Hill

The third part of the Chiefs’ Holy Trinity on offense is their break-out wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Other than Mahomes, no one on the team impacted the game for the Chiefs like Hill. No matter if he is getting the ball or not, Hill is someone who teams focus on and he always demands safety help. This, in turn, opens up one-on-one matchups for teammates who reap the benefits.

Hill ranked 11th in targets (129) and 10th in receptions(87) but was fourth in receiving yards (1479) and third in receiving TD (12).

He is an elite WR who not only gives defenses nightmares but also is a beast in the punt return game.

It’s safe to say that these are not the only weapons the Chiefs have, but they are the ones we know what to expect from. Wideout Sammy Watkins has the ability to be a game-changer if healthy, and Demarcus Robinson has built chemistry with Mahomes. Throw in the mix a solid offensive line and running backs with potential and this team is going to be hard to stop

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