Josh McDaniels Salary and Contract: How Much Will the Former Raiders’ HC Make in 2023?

A closer look at former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels' salary and net worth following his firing earlier this morning.

Things have changed dramatically overnight for the Las Vegas Raiders. While most of us were sleeping, Raiders owner Mark Davis made the decision to start anew by firing head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler. The Raiders will now have linebacker coach Antonio Pierce as their interim head coach and Champ Kelly serve as the interim general manager as they move forward for the rest of the season.

And now, the Raiders are stuck with another salary to pay for a coach not even with the team. Let’s take a look at McDaniels’ salary, contract, and net worth.

What Is Josh McDaniels’ Salary and Net Worth?

McDaniels was let go in just the second year of a six-year deal. With all that money still left on the contract, the Raiders will need to pay McDaniels for all four of those years even though he will no longer be with the team.

This marks the second coach in recent memory that the Raiders still have on the books to pay to not coach them, the other being Jon Gruden.

On ESPN’s First Take the morning after McDaniels was let go, NFL Insider Adam Schefter provided a bit more context around what he believes to be the remaining numbers on both the Gruden and McDaniels contracts.

“Well, first of all, we don’t even know how the Gruden situation resolved itself. There was some sort of discussion between Jon Gruden and Mark Davis at the time when the NFL uncovered those emails, so I’m sure they figured out how to settle the differences in the remaining balance on that contract. I think Josh McDaniels, after this season, if I’m not mistaken, has about three years upwards of 30-plus million dollars left on the contract.”

While no one wants to get fired from their job — certainly not before the halfway point of the season — McDaniels’ wallet doesn’t have any impact on this situation. So while his pride may be sore this morning, his pockets certainly are not.

Just two offseasons ago, McDaniels signed a six-year contract that was reportedly paying him $10 million annually. With the firing and the fact that NFL head coaches’ contracts are guaranteed, McDaniels’ pay will not change over the four remaining years of his deal despite the fact he won’t be coaching the Raiders any longer.

Even if McDaniels were to go work for another team, he would merely just need to be paid the minimum by his new team, as the Raiders will front the bill on his contract over the next four seasons.

As for McDaniels’ net worth, it is believed that he is valued at around $6 million at this point, with the overwhelming majority of his career earnings coming from his time coaching in the NFL.

What’s Next for McDaniels?

What the future holds for McDaniels mere hours after being let go from his second head coaching opportunity — both of which ended in-season — is a big question mark.

Despite his transgressions as a head coach throughout his career, McDaniels had made a name for himself as a coordinator and a position coach dating back to his time being the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots with Tom Brady.

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How long he will be out of the NFL is unknown at this time, as well as the where, but no matter what happens over the next four years, McDaniels will be covered financially either way.

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