Jets Legend Joe Namath Puts Current Starting QB Zach Wilson on Blast: ‘Disgusting’

    New York Jets legend Joe Namath didn't hold back on his criticism of Zach Wilson. What were some of the things "Broadway Joe" said?

    Safe to say New York Jets legend Joe Namath won’t be buying a Zach Wilson jersey or endorsing him as a starting quarterback anytime soon — especially after what he saw in the Week 3 loss to the New England Patriots.

    The franchise legend, best revered for guiding the team to their lone Super Bowl win, didn’t mince words about his feelings toward the renewed starter under center.

    Joe Namath Reacts to Zach Wilson’s Play

    Speaking on The Michael Kay Show on Monday, the Super Bowl winner put the 2021 No. 2 overall pick on blast.

    “I didn’t take anything positive out of it [Wilson’s performance vs. the Pats]. It was awful,” Namath quipped.

    Namath then zeroed in on Wilson’s much-discussed “sack” when no Patriots player touched him.

    “You sit down?!” Namath spoke loud and clearly. “You sit down right on the play, and you go down? What happened? I thought you’re trying to win and make big plays. You quit on a play? What is going on? It’s disgusting.”

    Namath Answers: What Can Work for Wilson?

    “Broadway Joe” wasn’t through with his harsh critique of Wilson.

    When asked how a coach can make things better for the third-year passer, Namath believes it’s time to move on from him. He pointed out that keeping Wilson would further divide the locker room.

    “There’s no harmony in that locker room,” Namath said. “You’ve got to get people in there who are competitors and want to fight to win.”

    If Namath was handed Wilson, what would he do to make him better? Namath, again, clearly has had enough of the Wilson era.

    “Send him to Kansas City,” Namath said, believing he would benefit more from being a backup to Patrick Mahomes. “Maybe he’ll learn something. I wouldn’t keep him.”

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    Namath ended with a bold conclusion: “I’ve seen enough of Zach Wilson. Alright? I’ve seen enough.”

    Namath was critical of Wilson before his radio interview. He had this post on X the moment he saw the Wilson “ghost sack.”

    But he ripped Wilson’s decision-making after that fall.

    “I’m starting to wonder if Zach’s playing like he’s being coached. He’s making choices that are not intuitive to the quarterback position,” Namath shared.

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