Nosebleed Seats Podcast: Joe Burrow speaks and Cowboys conversation

    Joe Burrow has spoken at the NFL Draft Combine and has, for now, ended all the rumors surrounding him and the Cincinnati Bengals. However, could a team trade up for his services?

    This week on the Nosebleed Seats podcast, Eric Chiofalo and Zach Wolchuk dive into the upcoming NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. Players haven’t worked out just yet, but rumors are flying as they always do this time of the year.  The players have yet to do drills on the field, but the rumor mill is already swirling.

    Joe Burrow or Cam Newton?

    During the Monday 12:28 PM ET update from PFN Insider Benjamin Allbright, Ben stated that there was increasing chatter on a possible move up from the Caroline Panthers. This is a development that many on Twitter saw coming after Head Coach Matt Rhule hired former LSU offensive coach Joe Brady. Brady worked closely with Joe Burrow while the two were apart of LSU.

    Reports did come out that the Panthers plan to continue with Cam Newton as their coach, but as many fans have learned time and time again, the NFL Draft Combine spells trouble for rumors. This is a situation to pay close attention to. Newton might be progressing well, but it’s hard to see the Panthers balk at the idea of keeping Burrow and Brady paired up for the foreseeable future. A paring of Burrow, Brady, and Rhule also give the new Panthers coaching staff time to improve. Not that they need it with the massive seven-year deal given to Rhule.

    To sign or not to sign, that is the question

    The Dallas Cowboys are currently under a predicament of their own. They have three potential high priced free-agents in Byron Jones, Amari Cooper, and of course, Dak Prescott. During the podcast, Eric presents his ideal plan for the Cowboys heading into free agency.

    Jones seems to be the odd man out in Dallas, but Cooper and Prescott should be signed undoubtedly. Prescott and the Cowboys will be forced together baring a change of events, and Cooper has been a star since traded to Jerry World.

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