Joe Burrow adapting to the Bengals offense quickly in training camp

There's a reason for fans to be confident in the new-look Joe Burrow-led Bengals offense, especially with how the rookie is transitioning

Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton may have been at the helm in Cincinnati, but the Bengals’ offense is Joe Burrow’s for the foreseeable future. In unprecedented circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Burrow faces a difficult situation with a shortened offseason and no preseason to work through as he prepares to take the reins as the starter in his rookie year.

However, Burrow isn’t letting it get to him as he is comfortable in his environment – “Absolutely not,” Burrow said in response to a reporter. “Have you ever heard anything else about me about being nervous? I feel very comfortable with the offense right now. I feel comfortable with my guys. I think we are going to be pretty good on offense. I’m excited more so than nervous.”

Joe Burrow is picking up the Bengals offense quickly

The transition from the college level to the NFL level is no simple thing for any rookie, but Burrow is handling it better than anyone could have hoped for. He’s quickly gained respect and recognition from his teammates, coaches, and beyond Cincinnati. The only thing Burrow has ever indeed been knocked for in recent history is his lack of zip on the ball – and even that doesn’t seem to be problematic anymore.

“Everything I hear out of him out of camp has been very positive,” NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah said. “He had his first scrimmage the other day and was nearly flawless in his execution. The only thing on the negative side of that is he’s going up against the Cincinnati Bengals’ defense.

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“It’s going to get a lot more difficult when you look at the opponents inside that division. But very encouraging. It sounds like the arm strength has been even better than anticipated as well. Big things for Joe Burrow, who will be a day-one starter.”

Friday’s showing was probably his best when he was 6-of-6 for 69 yards with a touchdown pass to Auden Tate.

Looking at Burrow’s past 

Taking a look at Burrow’s journey to this point, is it a surprise that he’s getting on with the Bengals as well as he is? Not really. The quarterback knows adversity better than most, sitting on the bench at Ohio State, then making the leap to LSU, which meant he had to learn a new offense with a new program.

And not only that, but he finished out his first season at LSU still deemed by many as “average” or a “game manager.” It was in his second year that Burrow truly broke out and became what we knew he could be, transitioning into an up-tempo offense that passing game coordinator Joe Brady helped bring a lot of success to.

He fared well, shattering multiple records, guiding his team to a national championship victory on an undefeated season, taking home the Heisman Trophy, and ultimately becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Burrow has been faced with several points of transition and challenges throughout his football career, so it’s easy to see how he’s able to take things in his stride the way he does.

Looking to Burrow’s future

Burrow has the chance to make a profound impact on this team, and it’s his mental makeup and work ethic that make us think he’ll be able to do just that swiftly. The signal-caller’s mental quickness and Football IQ make him a cut above the rest, and it’s those attributes that allow a quarterback to succeed at a high level more than anything they bring to the table physically.

For all the disparaging remarks we see about the Bengals defense, Burrow is up against a stout defense in practice that will help prepare him for opponents he’ll face down the road. Expect big things in store for Burrow with the Bengals for years to come.

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