Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Shares Injury Update on Wild Pat McAfee Interview

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss his career threatening Achilles injury, various recovery methods, and timetables.

    Aaron Rodgers’s first season with the New York Jets ended abruptly. Four plays into the season opener against the Buffalo Bills, the future Hall of Fame QB went down with what we now know is an Achilles injury, ending his first season as a Jet before it started.

    Various reports have circulated since Rodgers’ injury suggesting the veteran signal-caller could return sooner rather than later, some going as far as to suggest Rodgers may return if the Jets can advance to the playoffs.

    While it is easy to scoff at these notions, Rodgers admitted that some players, namely RB Cam Akers, came back in 4.5 months, significantly earlier than the traditional timeline for an Achilles injury. While this also isn’t the norm and needs to be taken with a grain of salt, every Jets fan in America held out hope of seeing Rodgers again in 2023.

    What’s the Latest Aaron Rodgers Injury Update?

    As he does on a weekly basis, Rodgers joined Pat McAfee during The Pat McAfee Show. The two know each other well, and Rodgers has opened up on the show before. In fact, it was the venue where Rodgers announced he would be traded to the Jets.

    Rodgers opened up about the injury and was transparent about expectations.

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    “Some of the things that were reported about the type of surgery that I had were factual. I don’t wanna get caught in a timeline, but I’m gonna do everything that I can to put myself in a position to play football again at some point.”

    Rodgers didn’t want to get Jets fans in an uproar and refrained from giving any hope he would return this season, which remains a longshot. Using the terminology “again” implies that Rodgers is intent on returning to the football field but admitted that an injury of this magnitude made him question whether he would play football after this.

    Pat McAfee and his counterpart, A.J. Hawk, provided deep-dive journalism into Rodgers’ rehab and various recovery methods. Hawk, a former teammate of Rodgers for nine seasons, has deep inside information on the Jets signal-caller.

    Hawk inserted, “I was under the impression [Rodgers] was drinking his own p*ss every single day. That’s why I thought you were so good, and you have such a quick release. Is that not true?”

    Rodgers kept his cool, facing his buddies’ version of the firing squad, and denied the allegations.

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