Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Cowboys Owner’s Massive Boat

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is an important figure in the NFL world. He also has a big personality -- and an even bigger yacht.

There might not be a more influential person in all of American sports than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Mr. Jones has been in the middle of, or at the forefront, of a lot of what we see in today’s NFL.

Ever since buying the Cowboys in 1989, Jones has been an important part of the NFL and continues to grow not only his team’s brand but the league brand as well. With that comes the fruits of that labor, and Jones has been known to be unafraid to enjoy himself when the time calls for it.

Such is the case with his massive yacht that he just recently purchased. Let’s take a look at the impressive vessel.

Jerry Jones’ Yacht

It feels almost like a right of passage for an NFL owner to purchase a yacht, doesn’t it? Billionaire decision-makers finding their way to sail the open seas is as old as time, and starting in 2019 when he purchased the massive ship, you can add Jones to that list.

Jones purchased the 357-foot yacht from the Dutch firm Oceanco. Jones made news and may have announced to the world his new purchase when he made the team’s NFL Draft picks on board the vessel back in 2020.

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What’s a boat without a good name? Jones made sure that his vessel’s name would carry importance when he named it “Bravo Eugenia: in honor of his wife Eugenia Jones.

What Does Jones’ Boat Look Like?

There’s no way around it — Jones’ boat is an impressive piece of machinery. Some of the amenities of the yacht include two Helipads, seven cabins capable of accommodating 14 guests, four decks worth of space, a 30-member crew, a gym, a swimming pool/plunge pool, and a sauna and steam room, just to list a few.

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

All information and photos courtesy of Boat Safe.

Jones’ Yacht Interior

As impressive as Jones’ yacht looks from the outside looking in, it’s that much more astonishing once you step inside.

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

How Much Did the Yacht Cost?

According to reports, the cost out of pocket for Jones to purchase his new mega yacht was $250 million. With the annual estimated running costs being valued at around $15-20 million a year, it’s safe to say that Jones will surely try and get the most out of his investment.

End of the day, money is relative, and for Mr. Jones, this may not be as pocket-stretching as it is for others.

Either way, no matter your situation, anyone is able to take a seat and realize just how beautiful the structure actually is.

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