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    Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Dallas Cowboys Owner’s Massive Boat

    Back in 2019, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones purchased a 357-foot yacht for $250 million. Take a look inside the Bravo Eugenia.

    There might not be a more influential person in all of American sports than Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones is one of the most visible owners in the NFL, and he’s been at the forefront of the league’s massive growth in recent decades.

    Jones is one of the richest NFL owners, and his massive fortune allows him to make some lavish purchases. That includes his 357-foot yacht, the Bravo Eugenia. Let’s take a look at the impressive vessel.

    When Did Jerry Jones Buy His Yacht?

    Jones purchased his 357-foot yacht from the Dutch firm Oceanco back in 2019.

    Shortly after Jones bought the boat, he showed off his new purchase by making the Cowboys’ 2020 NFL Draft picks while aboard the vessel, which was captured by ESPN’s cameras during their broadcast.


    Jones named his superyacht the Bravo Eugenia in honor of his wife, Eugenia Jones.

    “Creating our Bravo Eugenia was a project born out of true love for our family,” Jones told Yachts International. “Building and designing her became a family affair on every level of the project. Gene oversaw the project and guided us through every step of the process, while our entire family, including our children and grandchildren, visited Oceanco on many occasions, contributing to the yacht’s development and helping to shape our dream.”

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    “With Gene’s supervision, we were personally involved with every aspect of the build, all the way from the keel laying to every design decision to the christening ceremony to her delivery and beyond,” he added.

    What Does Jones’ Superyacht Look Like?

    There’s no way around it: Jones’ boat is an impressive piece of machinery.

    Some of the amenities of the yacht include two Helipads, seven cabins capable of accommodating 14 guests, four decks worth of space, a 30-member crew, a gym, a swimming pool/plunge pool, a sauna, and a steam room.

    Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Dallas Cowboys Owner's Massive Boat

    Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Dallas Cowboys Owner's Massive Boat

    All information and photos courtesy of Boat Safe.

    Inside the 357-Foot Superyacht

    As impressive as Jones’ yacht looks from the outside, it’s even more astonishing once you step inside.

    Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Dallas Cowboys Owner's Massive Boat

    Jerry Jones’ Yacht: A Look at the Dallas Cowboys Owner's Massive Boat

    Gene Jones worked in close collaboration with Reymond Langton Design to create a sophisticated and contemporary interior. 

    How Much Did the Yacht Cost?

    According to reports, Jones paid $250 million out of pocket to purchase his superyacht. With the annual estimated running costs being valued at $15-20 million a year, it’s safe to say that Jones will try to get the most out of his investment.

    It certainly sounds like Jones is happy with his purchase. When asked why he bought the yacht, he told Yachts International that his goal is “to see as much of the world as possible from the perspective of the sea.”

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    “Bravo Eugenia gives us the flexibility to reach so many destinations that touch landscapes and cultures that will create unique and lasting family memories and experiences,” Jones said.

    “On board Bravo Eugenia, our private and public areas are personalized with commissioned art, family memories and mementos, bespoke board games that depict our family history, such as Monopoly and Clue that represent our then and now. Bravo Eugenia is truly a reflection of our life and the things we love.”

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