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    Jerry Jeudy Trade Details: Revisiting Winners and Losers From Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos Trade

    The Denver Broncos finally moved on from Jerry Jeudy, as he was traded to the Cleveland Browns in March. Which team won the deal?

    As the NFL‘s wide receiver market continues to explode, the Cleveland Browns are taking a chance on Jerry Jeudy. While the Denver Broncos were shopping the team’s top two wide receivers for what felt like an eternity, Jeudy was the one who was finally traded, joining the Browns in March.

    Despite dealing with an unfathomable number of injuries last season, the Browns still managed to win 11 games and earn a playoff spot. Now Cleveland will look to build on last season’s success by acquiring a promising, 25-year-old wide receiver.

    Jerry Jeudy Trade Details

    Jeudy was traded on March 9, 2024, several days before the start of the new league year.

    The Browns received:

    • Jerry Jeudy, WR

    The Broncos received:

    • 2024 fifth-round pick, No. 136 overall (traded to Seattle Seahawks)
    • 2024 sixth-round pick, No. 203 overall (traded to New York Jets)

    Denver elected to trade both selections that they received from Cleveland in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Broncos traded the 203rd overall pick to the Jets in exchange for fourth-year quarterback Zach Wilson. Denver included the No. 136 selection in a trade package with the Seahawks to move up in the fourth round and select wide receiver Troy Franklin.

    Players Involved in the Jeudy Trade

    While Jeudy was the only player initially involved in the trade, it quickly evolved over the following weeks as the Broncos flipped both draft picks that they received into two potential starters in 2024. Wilson will have to win the quarterback job over first-round rookie quarterback Bo Nix, but Broncos head coach Sean Payton likely thinks that he can fix Wilson.

    Meanwhile, Franklin has a relationship with Nix dating back to playing together at Oregon. Many were surprised to see Franklin fall to Day 3 in the 2024 NFL Draft, which is likely why the Broncos traded up for the opportunity to reunite him with his former college quarterback.

    Who Won the Jeudy Trade?

    While the Browns will likely see the earliest return from this deal in 2024, it’s hard to say that they are the outright winners of the trade. After trading for Jeudy, the Browns signed the 25-year-old wide receiver to a three-year contract extension worth up to $58 million.

    Although that deal might seem like a steal given the going rate for wide receivers in the NFL, Jeudy is far from a proven player. In fact, the one consistent aspect of Jeudy’s game is that he has been inconsistent throughout his NFL career. He has dealt with several different injuries and has struggled to prove his status as a former first-round selection.

    Yet, the Browns are seemingly ready to take a chance on Jeudy, as they believe he’ll be able to turn his career around in Cleveland. The Browns have experience trading for former Alabama wide receivers, as they traded with the Dallas Cowboys to land Amari Cooper in 2022.

    Ironically, the deals for both Jeudy and Cooper look similar. The Browns traded a fifth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to the Broncos for Jeudy and traded a fifth-round pick and swapped sixth-round picks with the Cowboys for Cooper. The Browns are certainly banking on Jeudy finding the same success as Cooper in Cleveland.

    While the Broncos clearly won’t be one of the top teams in the NFL in 2024, they have added several intriguing young players this offseason. It’s an impressive feat considering the value of the two draft picks that they acquired from the Browns in exchange for Jeudy.

    It was clear that Denver wasn’t going to sign Jeudy to a contract extension, which makes the fact that they were able to receive two draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft somewhat surprising. The Broncos then parlayed those picks into a quarterback project and a Day 3 wide receiver with significant upside.

    In fact, Pro Football Network NFL Draft Analyst Ian Cummings discussed Franklin ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft. As he highlighted Franklin’s potential upside in his draft profile for the former Oregon wide receiver:

    “Ultimately, with his lighter frame, Franklin may never supersede some of the issues on his scouting report,” Cummings said. “Still, in a movement-Z role where he can be schemed touches, separate at multiple levels, and use his speed to serve as a catalyst, he can be a high-end WR2 with quality starter upside — in a similar mold to Robbie Chosen.”

    MORE: Ian Cummings’ Full Scouting Report of Troy Franklin

    While there are certainly concerns about Franklin’s frame, which may have caused him to fall to Day 3, his established relationship with Nix is an added bonus. It’s rare that former college teammates get to play together in the NFL, let alone begin their professional careers on the same team.

    As far as quarterback goes, the Broncos are in a weird spot in 2024. While Nix seems to be the obvious choice for the foreseeable future, Payton will likely try to get the best out of Wilson as well. Given his struggles in New York, it’s fair to question Wilson’s potential. However, if anyone can get the best out of the 24-year-old quarterback, it might be Payton.

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