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    “Absolutely Special” — Jalen Ramsey Among Colorado Believers After Deion Sanders’ Debut

    Deion Sanders created some strong backers following Colorado's stunning upset of TCU. What Jalen Ramsey and others had to say about "Coach Prime's" CU debut.

    “Coach Prime” silenced the doubters down in Fort Worth, Texas in his University of Colorado coaching debut Saturday — letting it be known after the 45-42 upset of No. 17 TCU that he’s “kept receipts” of everyone who didn’t believe in the 21-point underdog Buffaloes.

    Deion Sanders was criticized for how he built the Buffaloes with reports of telling players to enter the transfer portal and for having “the worst roster in college football” by some national writers. But after the energizing back and forth near Dallas, he’s created believers…including a fellow Florida State Seminole in Jalen Ramsey.

    Jalen Ramsey Believes Colorado Can Be ‘Absolutely Special’ Under Deion

    The Miami Dolphins cornerback and Super Bowl winner with the Los Angeles Rams was among the NFL representatives who are buying into the vibe “Coach Prime” is bringing to the Buffaloes and college football.

    “Absolutely special what we’re witnessing with these boys at Colorado,” Ramsey posted on social media. “And that’s something I NEVER thought I’d be saying to be honest.”

    Before witnessing the upset of the national title game runner-up, Ramsey was immediately on the Buffaloes train for Sanders. Plus, he also gave a ringing endorsement for the Heisman Trophy for two Buffaloes.

    Lastly, Ramsey sent this message that will more than likely win over the city of Boulder.

    Ramsey wasn’t the only one on the NFL side who hopped in on the wildfire conversation Sanders sparked in Week 1 of college football.

    Patrick Mahomes Among Those Who Chimed in

    Even two-time Super Bowl champion and one of the faces of the league Patrick Mahomes, who once starred in the Big 12 at Texas Tech, was in awe of what Sanders and Colorado accomplished.

    “Crazy to see what Deion and Colorado has done already!” Mahomes posted.

    Newly retired perennial Pro Bowl defensive end J.J. Watt had a lengthier message of what Sanders and the Buffs just delivered.

    “It cannot be overstated what Deion Sanders did today. To turn the whole Colorado program around from what it was last season to today beating a team that played in the National Championship last season…It’s one thing to talk about it. It’s another to actually do it. Wow,” Watt shared.

    Free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson was another who took Sanders’ side — and shared some of the “receipts.”

    Sanders heard constant criticism of how he built Colorado.

    The Buffaloes, through Sanders’ model, had 57 players leave the program and enter the transfer portal — the highest number of entries for a Power Five school in the era of the portal.

    Sanders, though, clarified with FOX’s Erin Andrews pregame that he never forced all 57 out. He told 20 of those players that this era of CU football wasn’t going to cut it for them, but the other 37 quit.

    Finally, Sanders’ message was one reminding “the haters” that he heard all the criticism…and kept the receipts.

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