Is Aaron Rodgers Playing Today? Latest Update on Jets QB After Achilles Injury

    Is Aaron Rodgers playing today? Let's take a closer look at the New York Jets quarterback's prospects for this week and his chances this season.

    As far as Week 1 of the NFL season went, there was no sadder situation to unfold than the Aaron Rodgers injury. Rodgers tearing his Achilles after four plays in his first game in a New York Jets uniform was tough to see for Jets fans and fans of the game as a whole.

    While it looks as if this injury is significant and may cost Rodgers his entire 2023 season, Rodgers has been alluding to innovative things he and his team of doctors are exploring to see if they can shorten the window of time he may have to miss.

    Let’s take a closer look at Rodgers’ injury rehab and what his timeline may look like going forward.

    Will Aaron Rodgers Play This Week Against the Cowboys?

    Rodgers will not be playing this week as his Jets team gets prepared to play the Cowboys in their first road game of the year with Zach Wilson under center. The Jets franchise brought in and prepared all offseason for Rodgers to be the guy to lead them to a championship. The brunt of the burden now will be placed on the shoulders of Wilson, the forgotten backup QB.

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    This situation has been incredibly sad for the Jets team, which has had a rough time finding success over the last decade-plus. The Jets were sure that Rodgers would bring this team to where they were hoping to go, and now it looks as if it could be more of the same for the franchise unless Wilson can do something he hasn’t been able to do since being here, which is elevating the guys around him.

    While many are counting the future Hall of Fame quarterback out for the entire 2023 season, Rodgers is not thinking like that himself. Rodgers and a team of doctors are looking at different ways to attack his rehab with hopes of drastically speeding up the recovery time.

    Rodgers has alluded to the fact this week that he believes there is a chance he can be back in time for a playoff run. While this would be something that has never been done as far as the healing timeline goes, Rodgers believes there is a chance he can be ready to go in as little as four months compared to the typical timeline of 8-12 months these injuries usually take.

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