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Introducing fantasy points differential for running backs

Introducing fantasy points differential for running backs
Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

The running back position can be the most frustrating when it comes to fantasy points and assessing value. With injuries and inconsistency plaguing the position it can be tough to work out who performed well and who struggled when it comes to the end of the season. One way of assessing performance is to compare a running back’s finish at the position compared to their ADP. While that is a simple assessment to do, it does not necessarily help us to project what the previous season’s fantasy point return means for the future of a running back.

Therefore, what we need is to be able to analyze a running back’s performance on a deeper level. Sure we have numbers such as yards per carry and yards per reception to help us do that, but fantasy points include those yards and combine touchdowns into the numbers as well. Here at Pro Football Network, we have the Offensive Share Metric, which tells us how a running back performs when it comes to factors within their control, but what if we could combine that information with something directly looking at fantasy production.

That is where calculating Expected Fantasy Points (xFP) for running backs and Fantasy Point Differential (FPD) comes in. In this article, I will discuss how the metrics came about, what they tell us, and how we can use them to help value players in dynasty leagues.

You can find the last five years of Expected Fantasy Points and Fantasy Point Differential for backs with an xFP>50 at the bottom of this article.

All stats regarding carries and receptions are courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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Expected Fantasy Points (xFP)

Correlating running back carries and touches to fantasy points

With running backs, the natural place to start looking for a correlation between opportunity and fantasy points is with carries and/or touches. To do this, a reasonable set of data is required, which initially was two years. When that demonstrated a reasonable correlation, the next step was to go to five years. When the correlation remained steady then, ten years’ worth of data presented the perfect combination of a large data set while keeping the numbers comparable to the current day.

The first step was to look at carries, and as you might expect, there was a reasonably good agreement (R2 = 0.88) between carries and fantasy points when it came to non-PPR scoring. The agreement was slightly lower but still good (R2 = 0.82) when it came to PPR scoring.

Therefore, in an attempt to increase the correlation, why not look at touches instead of carries? Given that the role of a running back is evolving further and further into the receiving game, looking at touches immediately seems a better way to assess the value of running backs when comparing to fantasy points. As expected, the agreement and correlations were slightly higher when it came to touches compared to both non-PPR (R2 =0.92) and PPR (R2 = 0.90) scoring.

Further investigation demonstrated good agreement and correlation of fantasy points with both touchdowns and scrimmage yards. However, as both of those variables are largely dependent on touches in the first place, they would be harder metrics to use to project performance forward. They also both directly contribute to the fantasy points, making the relationship more obvious in the first place. Therefore, using touches, as it has a better agreement than carries with fantasy points, and is an indirect factor in fantasy points is the way forward.

Comparing the effect of carries and receptions

The problem now is that by using touches as an overall metric, we are giving the same amount of weight to both carries and receptions. Therefore, before continuing with touches to calculate Expected Fantasy Points, an investigation into the contribution of both carries and receptions into a running back’s fantasy points is the next step.

In order to do this, it is crucial to break down a running back’s fantasy points into their contribution from carries and receptions separately. Using these broken down values, we can then look at the correlation between carries and fantasy points earned from those carries, as well as the correlation for receptions. When it comes to receptions, we need to do this for both non-PPR and PPR scoring.

As you can see from the graphs above, there is superb agreement and correlation, as you might expect, between carries and rushing fantasy points as well as between receptions and receiving fantasy points in PPR scoring. There is still a good agreement between receptions and receiving fantasy points in non-PPR scoring, and it is still something we can use going forward.

The next step is to find out how much a carry and a reception are worth in comparison to each other. Using the equation of the linear regression lines from the graphs above, it is possible to calculate how many fantasy points a carry and a reception are worth in the two different scoring settings. Ultimately, a carry is worth 58% of a reception in a standard league and just 30% of a reception in PPR leagues.

Therefore, using touches as an overall standard to calculate expected fantasy points would result in backs that primarily carry the ball being undervalued compared to pass-catching backs. That difference would be especially pronounced in PPR leagues. In order to address this, the next stage will calculate a running back’s xFP using carries and receptions separately.

Calculating Expected Fantasy Points

Now that the method for calculating the value of both carries and receptions is established, projecting expected fantasy points for a running back is somewhat of a simple task. Using the number of carries and receptions an RB had/or is projected to have, will tell us the xFP of that player for any given season. For example, in 2019, Nick Chubb had 298 carries and 38 receptions, giving him an xFP value of 219.8 in non-PPR scoring and 255.8 in PPR scoring.

Fantasy Point Differential (FPD)


What is FPD and how is it calculated?

Fantasy Point Differential is somewhat self-explanatory, in that it is looking at the difference between expected and actual fantasy points. Now that the method for calculating xFP is established, it is a simple step to apply that number retrospectively to any running back to see how their fantasy point output compares. That number can then be turned into a percentage of the expected value, by dividing the difference between the two numbers by the xFP for that running back.

Going back to the example of Nick Chubb in 2019, where his xFP was 219.8 and 255.8 in non-PPR and PPR, respectively. Chubb scored 219 and 255.2 fantasy points in those two formats respectively in 2019, giving him an FPD of -0.4% and -0.2%, respectively. That means that in 2019 Chubb performed almost exactly how he should have based on ten years of running back performance.

To give some context, in 2019, Raheem Mostert had an FPD of 56% and 49% in non-PPR and PPR leagues, respectively. In contrast, Frank Gore had an FPD of -28% and -35% in non-PPR and PPR, respectively. So while Mostert greatly outperformed his xFP in 2019, Gore struggled to make the most of his opportunities.

What does this tell us?

The first element is simply to review performance in a year. Fantasy points tie together so many elements of a running back’s results that by using xFP and FPD we can immediately assess whether a back over or underperformed the opportunities afforded to him.

The test for fantasy football owners, especially in dynasty leagues, is determining how to use this information. On the one hand, you may be able to take a back who scored highly but still underperformed compared to his xFP and sell them high, knowing the risk of a big drop off if the opportunities are not there in the future. However, the same goes for selling high or buying low on players. FPD can help to identify players whose success may not be sustainable, or whose tough season was not due to a lack of opportunities, but maybe some bad luck.

Translating this into a winning formula is key. At the basic level, the xFP metric can give fantasy owners an idea of how optimistic or pessimistic a running back’s fantasy point projections are for that season. However, with just a touch more research, the FPD metric can tell a story. Maybe the rookie back that struggles last season is really yet another back struggling in the same system as others have failed previously? Did the back that succeeded wildly last year lose some key pieces to his offensive line? The FPD metric simply offers insight into how a player performed relative to their xFP. The key is to then translate that data into a projection for the future.

Expected Fantasy Points and Fantasy Point Differential data

NameFormatYearFantasy PointsxFPFPD
Christian McCaffrey*+Non-PPR2019355298.719%
Derrick Henry*Non-PPR2019277203.636%
Aaron JonesNon-PPR2019266195.436%
Ezekiel Elliott*Non-PPR2019258240.97%
Dalvin Cook*Non-PPR2019239208.315%
Nick Chubb*Non-PPR2019219219.80%
Mark Ingram*Non-PPR2019217149.745%
Austin EkelerNon-PPR2019217177.123%
Chris CarsonNon-PPR2019196208.5-6%
Saquon BarkleyNon-PPR2019192186.83%
Joe MixonNon-PPR2019190206.3-8%
Todd GurleyNon-PPR201918816812%
Leonard FournetteNon-PPR2019183242.2-24%
Josh JacobsNon-PPR20191721682%
Miles SandersNon-PPR2019169161.25%
Alvin Kamara*Non-PPR2019168189.4-11%
Marlon MackNon-PPR2019167164.71%
Kenyan DrakeNon-PPR2019164155.65%
Phillip LindsayNon-PPR2019163172.9-6%
Raheem MostertNon-PPR201915196.656%
Le'Veon BellNon-PPR2019149219.2-32%
David MontgomeryNon-PPR2019145173.4-16%
Carlos HydeNon-PPR2019143159.1-10%
Sony MichelNon-PPR2019141162.5-13%
Melvin GordonNon-PPR2019139142.1-2%
Devonta FreemanNon-PPR2019139173.9-20%
Ronald JonesNon-PPR2019135136.5-1%
Adrian PetersonNon-PPR2019130145.6-11%
James WhiteNon-PPR2019128115.411%
Latavius MurrayNon-PPR2019123123.60%
Devin SingletaryNon-PPR2019119121.3-2%
Tevin ColemanNon-PPR2019114104.110%
James ConnerNon-PPR20191121057%
Damien WilliamsNon-PPR201911197.714%
Duke JohnsonNon-PPR201911095.315%
Jamaal WilliamsNon-PPR2019107104.82%
David JohnsonNon-PPR201910693.613%
Jordan HowardNon-PPR201910181.224%
Peyton BarberNon-PPR2019101109.3-8%
Royce FreemanNon-PPR201999124.6-21%
LeSean McCoyNon-PPR20199189.32%
Gus EdwardsNon-PPR20198686.6-1%
DeAndre WashingtonNon-PPR201986102.2-16%
Tarik CohenNon-PPR201985121.1-30%
Matt BreidaNon-PPR20198493.3-10%
Frank GoreNon-PPR201982113.5-28%
Kerryon JohnsonNon-PPR20197577.5-3%
Rex BurkheadNon-PPR2019746612%
Tony PollardNon-PPR20197466.112%
Nyheim HinesNon-PPR20197476.1-3%
Boston ScottNon-PPR20197360.321%
Kareem HuntNon-PPR20196463.11%
Alexander MattisonNon-PPR20195869.4-16%
Brian HillNon-PPR20195755.82%
Jaylen SamuelsNon-PPR20195788-35%
Benny SnellNon-PPR20195566.9-18%
Chris ThompsonNon-PPR20195264.7-20%
J.D. McKissicNon-PPR20195056.8-12%
Jalen RichardNon-PPR20194759.5-21%
Patrick LairdNon-PPR20194559.8-25%
Bo ScarbroughNon-PPR20194253-21%
Dion LewisNon-PPR20194157-28%
Kalen BallageNon-PPR20193857.6-34%
Giovani BernardNon-PPR20193861.8-38%
Ty JohnsonNon-PPR20193661.5-41%
Todd Gurley*+Non-PPR2018313218.543%
Saquon Barkley*Non-PPR2018295255.915%
Christian McCaffreyNon-PPR201827924713%
Alvin Kamara*Non-PPR2018273203.734%
Ezekiel Elliott*Non-PPR2018252267.5-6%
Melvin Gordon*Non-PPR2018226158.742%
James Conner*Non-PPR2018225188.819%
Kareem HuntNon-PPR2018204136.749%
Joe MixonNon-PPR2018200189.66%
David JohnsonNon-PPR2018197210.1-6%
James WhiteNon-PPR2018190148.228%
Phillip Lindsay*Non-PPR2018188153.123%
Derrick HenryNon-PPR2018186145.927%
Chris CarsonNon-PPR2018181171.16%
Nick ChubbNon-PPR2018175137.128%
Adrian PetersonNon-PPR2018169173.6-3%
Tarik Cohen*+Non-PPR2018163134.221%
Tevin ColemanNon-PPR2018162134.420%
Marlon MackNon-PPR2018161135.719%
Jordan HowardNon-PPR2018160172.9-7%
Kenyan DrakeNon-PPR2018153127.920%
Lamar Miller*Non-PPR2018148153.6-4%
Aaron JonesNon-PPR201814510736%
Matt BreidaNon-PPR2018136120.413%
Sony MichelNon-PPR2018132133.6-1%
Austin EkelerNon-PPR2018130104.225%
Peyton BarberNon-PPR2018130163-20%
Mark IngramNon-PPR2018122104.717%
Isaiah CrowellNon-PPR2018120107.811%
T.J. YeldonNon-PPR2018118120.1-2%
Dalvin CookNon-PPR2018112122-8%
Latavius MurrayNon-PPR20181101073%
Kerryon JohnsonNon-PPR2018107104.13%
Mike DavisNon-PPR2018103102.60%
Doug MartinNon-PPR2018102122.5-17%
Dion LewisNon-PPR2018102156-35%
Leonard FournetteNon-PPR201898102.7-5%
Nyheim HinesNon-PPR201898116.9-16%
Alex CollinsNon-PPR20189483.413%
LeSean McCoyNon-PPR201893132.9-30%
Frank GoreNon-PPR201891106.2-14%
Wendell SmallwoodNon-PPR20188980.710%
Jalen RichardNon-PPR201889103.7-14%
Gus EdwardsNon-PPR20188883.75%
Carlos HydeNon-PPR201888114-23%
Royce FreemanNon-PPR20188792.3-6%
Jamaal WilliamsNon-PPR201887100.6-14%
Duke JohnsonNon-PPR20188571.918%
LeGarrette BlountNon-PPR201877102.8-25%
Alfred BlueNon-PPR201877111.1-31%
Damien WilliamsNon-PPR20187652.445%
Josh AdamsNon-PPR20187578.6-5%
Ito SmithNon-PPR20187181.4-13%
Elijah McGuireNon-PPR20186774.1-10%
Chris IvoryNon-PPR20186581.9-21%
Jaylen SamuelsNon-PPR20186459.38%
Marshawn LynchNon-PPR20186468.6-7%
Rashaad PennyNon-PPR20186159.13%
Giovani BernardNon-PPR20186169-12%
Alfred MorrisNon-PPR20186074.1-19%
Javorius AllenNon-PPR20185959.7-1%
Corey ClementNon-PPR20185962.5-6%
Theo RiddickNon-PPR20185686.9-36%
Chris ThompsonNon-PPR20185167.4-24%
Devontae BookerNon-PPR20185058.6-15%
Bilal PowellNon-PPR20184958.1-16%
Jacquizz RodgersNon-PPR20184558-22%
Jordan WilkinsNon-PPR20184451.1-14%
Chase EdmondsNon-PPR20184355.4-22%
Jeff WilsonNon-PPR20183250.5-37%
Todd Gurley*+Non-PPR2017319238.134%
Le'Veon Bell*+Non-PPR2017257286.5-10%
Kareem Hunt*Non-PPR2017242221.99%
Alvin Kamara*Non-PPR2017239157.951%
Melvin GordonNon-PPR2017230234.7-2%
Mark Ingram*Non-PPR2017220201.39%
LeSean McCoy*Non-PPR2017205237.6-14%
Leonard FournetteNon-PPR2017194201.2-4%
Ezekiel ElliottNon-PPR2017177174.41%
Jordan HowardNon-PPR2017177192.2-8%
Carlos HydeNon-PPR2017175208.6-16%
Dion LewisNon-PPR2017171142.520%
Devonta FreemanNon-PPR2017164156.75%
Lamar MillerNon-PPR2017158182.7-14%
Christian McCaffreyNon-PPR2017149155-4%
Alex CollinsNon-PPR2017148152.6-3%
C.J. AndersonNon-PPR2017147178.4-18%
Frank GoreNon-PPR2017145189.4-23%
Marshawn LynchNon-PPR2017144146.3-2%
Latavius MurrayNon-PPR2017143146.5-2%
Duke JohnsonNon-PPR2017142126.912%
Tevin ColemanNon-PPR2017141122.315%
DeMarco MurrayNon-PPR2017133152.5-13%
Jerick McKinnonNon-PPR2017127144.3-12%
Derrick HenryNon-PPR2017124117.56%
Bilal PowellNon-PPR2017122131.6-7%
Javorius AllenNon-PPR2017120140.8-15%
Orleans DarkwaNon-PPR2017119123-3%
Jamaal WilliamsNon-PPR2017118118.30%
Isaiah CrowellNon-PPR2017116154.3-25%
Chris ThompsonNon-PPR201711278.243%
Joe MixonNon-PPR2017111139.1-20%
Jay AjayiNon-PPR2017111151.2-27%
Kenyan DrakeNon-PPR2017110113.4-3%
Giovani BernardNon-PPR2017109107.91%
Jonathan StewartNon-PPR2017109127.9-15%
Theo RiddickNon-PPR2017101105.6-4%
Rex BurkheadNon-PPR201710068.646%
LeGarrette BlountNon-PPR2017100112.4-11%
Ameer AbdullahNon-PPR201799125.7-21%
Tarik CohenNon-PPR201797107.5-10%
Samaje PerineNon-PPR201787128.7-32%
Matt BreidaNon-PPR20178384.3-2%
Matt ForteNon-PPR201783100.2-17%
Corey ClementNon-PPR20178253.354%
Marlon MackNon-PPR20178276.97%
Austin EkelerNon-PPR20178054.846%
James WhiteNon-PPR20177883.4-7%
Rod SmithNon-PPR20177351.243%
Aaron JonesNon-PPR20177156.625%
Wayne GallmanNon-PPR201771101.9-30%
Peyton BarberNon-PPR20177080.8-13%
Mike GillisleeNon-PPR20176862.29%
Adrian PetersonNon-PPR201768105.1-35%
Doug MartinNon-PPR20176791.9-27%
Alfred MorrisNon-PPR20176575.5-14%
Chris IvoryNon-PPR20176488.6-28%
J.D. McKissicNon-PPR20176361.72%
Devontae BookerNon-PPR20176177.8-22%
Jalen RichardNon-PPR20175960.4-2%
Elijah McGuireNon-PPR20175969.5-15%
T.J. YeldonNon-PPR20175859.3-2%
Kerwynn WilliamsNon-PPR20175881.8-29%
Dalvin CookNon-PPR20175454.4-1%
D'Onta ForemanNon-PPR20175151.5-1%
DeAndre WashingtonNon-PPR20175168.5-26%
Andre EllingtonNon-PPR20174851-6%
Jamaal CharlesNon-PPR20174564.2-30%
Shane VereenNon-PPR20174071.8-44%
Mike TolbertNon-PPR20173752.7-30%
Mike DavisNon-PPR20173755-33%
David Johnson*+Non-PPR2016328263.924%
Ezekiel Elliott*+Non-PPR2016293230.427%
LeSean McCoy*Non-PPR2016248195.227%
DeMarco Murray*Non-PPR2016243234.93%
Le'Veon Bell*Non-PPR2016242238.71%
Devonta Freeman*Non-PPR2016232195.219%
LeGarrette BlountNon-PPR2016226189.319%
Melvin Gordon*Non-PPR2016210197.96%
Jordan Howard*Non-PPR2016201183.89%
Mark IngramNon-PPR201619817314%
Jay Ajayi*Non-PPR2016188186.61%
Frank GoreNon-PPR2016176200.3-12%
Latavius MurrayNon-PPR2016175152.814%
Carlos HydeNon-PPR20161651603%
Isaiah CrowellNon-PPR2016165162.22%
Spencer WareNon-PPR2016161164.6-2%
Tevin ColemanNon-PPR2016160103.155%
Lamar MillerNon-PPR2016160195.9-18%
Jeremy HillNon-PPR2016155156.7-1%
Todd GurleyNon-PPR2016155214.9-28%
Matt ForteNon-PPR2016154163.9-6%
Jonathan StewartNon-PPR2016138140.3-2%
Terrance WestNon-PPR2016137152.7-10%
Ryan MathewsNon-PPR2016132106.724%
Robert KelleyNon-PPR2016121113.66%
Mike GillisleeNon-PPR20161176970%
Christine MichaelNon-PPR20161171124%
Devontae BookerNon-PPR2016112137.7-19%
Darren Sproles*Non-PPR2016111110.70%
Theo RiddickNon-PPR2016109110.5-1%
Tim HightowerNon-PPR2016107102.74%
Jerick McKinnonNon-PPR2016107141.3-24%
James WhiteNon-PPR201610485.322%
Rashad JenningsNon-PPR2016103146.3-30%
Chris ThompsonNon-PPR201610191.410%
Matt AsiataNon-PPR2016101106-5%
Ty MontgomeryNon-PPR20169791.66%
Derrick HenryNon-PPR20169378.818%
Duke JohnsonNon-PPR20169198.8-8%
T.J. YeldonNon-PPR201688130.8-33%
Jalen RichardNon-PPR20168779.310%
C.J. AndersonNon-PPR201687826%
DeAngelo WilliamsNon-PPR20168476.79%
Giovani BernardNon-PPR20168394.9-13%
Robert TurbinNon-PPR20168253.853%
Shaun DraughnNon-PPR20168073.79%
Jacquizz RodgersNon-PPR20167890.6-14%
Zach ZennerNon-PPR20167570.66%
Chris IvoryNon-PPR20167590.6-17%
Kenneth DixonNon-PPR20167283.4-14%
Doug MartinNon-PPR201672100.9-29%
DeAndre WashingtonNon-PPR20166868.9-1%
Matt JonesNon-PPR20166766.61%
Charcandrick WestNon-PPR20166681.3-19%
Thomas RawlsNon-PPR20166378.2-19%
Paul PerkinsNon-PPR20166282.2-25%
Rex BurkheadNon-PPR20165960.8-3%
Jeremy LangfordNon-PPR20165455.5-3%
Alfred BlueNon-PPR20165071.6-30%
Fozzy WhittakerNon-PPR20164758.9-20%
Charles SimsNon-PPR20164454.1-19%
James StarksNon-PPR20164256.2-25%
Justin ForsettNon-PPR20164272.1-42%
Wendell SmallwoodNon-PPR20164150.9-19%
Dwayne WashingtonNon-PPR20163963.2-38%
Dion LewisNon-PPR20163854.6-30%
Devonta Freeman*Non-PPR20152432392%
Adrian Peterson*+Non-PPR2015231231.30%
Doug Martin*+Non-PPR2015199210.4-5%
DeAngelo WilliamsNon-PPR2015191163.417%
Todd Gurley*Non-PPR201518916117%
Lamar MillerNon-PPR2015185167.211%
David JohnsonNon-PPR2015174112.754%
Matt ForteNon-PPR2015173178.9-3%
Chris Ivory*Non-PPR2015173181.8-5%
Latavius Murray*Non-PPR2015164205.4-20%
Danny WoodheadNon-PPR2015163143.214%
Frank GoreNon-PPR2015159194.1-18%
Jeremy HillNon-PPR2015157150.94%
Darren McFaddenNon-PPR2015156187.6-17%
Mark IngramNon-PPR2015153153.10%
LeSean McCoy*Non-PPR2015147156.7-6%
Jonathan Stewart*Non-PPR2015147163.7-10%
DeMarco MurrayNon-PPR2015140163.4-14%
Ronnie HillmanNon-PPR2015137150.6-9%
Rashad JenningsNon-PPR2015136148.6-8%
Giovani BernardNon-PPR2015132144.6-9%
Charles SimsNon-PPR2015129117.710%
Jeremy LangfordNon-PPR201512811214%
James StarksNon-PPR2015123134.5-9%
Thomas RawlsNon-PPR201512197.424%
Eddie LacyNon-PPR2015121134-10%
T.J. YeldonNon-PPR2015120148-19%
Isaiah CrowellNon-PPR2015119131.7-10%
LeGarrette BlountNon-PPR2015117105.311%
C.J. AndersonNon-PPR2015116117.7-1%
Karlos WilliamsNon-PPR201511366.171%
Charcandrick WestNon-PPR2015113117.3-4%
Ryan MathewsNon-PPR201510583.825%
Duke JohnsonNon-PPR2015103126.5-19%
Chris JohnsonNon-PPR2015101124.5-19%
Javorius AllenNon-PPR2015101129.8-22%
Shane VereenNon-PPR201510097.82%
Theo RiddickNon-PPR201599109.2-9%
Alfred BlueNon-PPR201597126.1-23%
Matt JonesNon-PPR201595106.3-11%
Justin ForsettNon-PPR201593123.5-25%
Ameer AbdullahNon-PPR201592112.1-18%
Antonio AndrewsNon-PPR201591107.8-16%
Bilal PowellNon-PPR20158890.5-3%
Le'Veon BellNon-PPR20158792.5-6%
Alfred MorrisNon-PPR201587132.5-34%
Joique BellNon-PPR20158676.113%
Dion LewisNon-PPR20158465.728%
James WhiteNon-PPR20158353.356%
Jamaal CharlesNon-PPR20158063.326%
Melvin GordonNon-PPR201575146-49%
Tim HightowerNon-PPR20157469.17%
Marshawn LynchNon-PPR20157079.4-12%
Carlos HydeNon-PPR20157079.8-12%
Mike Tolbert*+Non-PPR20156754.523%
Joseph RandleNon-PPR20156454.617%
Jerick McKinnonNon-PPR20156251.520%
Jonathan GrimesNon-PPR20156259.35%
Chris ThompsonNon-PPR201558564%
Chris PolkNon-PPR20155675.2-26%
Arian FosterNon-PPR20155559.4-7%
Brandon BoldenNon-PPR20155156.2-9%
Shaun DraughnNon-PPR20155174-31%
C.J. SpillerNon-PPR20154755.5-15%
Tevin ColemanNon-PPR20154152.8-22%
Andre WilliamsNon-PPR20153452.3-35%
Tre MasonNon-PPR20153462.5-46%
Christian McCaffrey*+PPR2019471.2414.714%
Aaron JonesPPR2019314.8244.429%
Ezekiel Elliott*PPR2019311.7294.96%
Austin EkelerPPR2019309269.115%
Derrick Henry*PPR2019294.6221.633%
Dalvin Cook*PPR2019292.4261.312%
Leonard FournettePPR2019259.4318.2-18%
Nick Chubb*PPR2019255.2255.80%
Alvin Kamara*PPR2019248.5270.4-8%
Saquon BarkleyPPR2019244.1238.82%
Mark Ingram*PPR2019242.5175.738%
Chris CarsonPPR2019232.6245.5-5%
Joe MixonPPR2019225.4241.3-7%
Todd GurleyPPR2019219.419910%
Miles SandersPPR2019218.7211.24%
Le'Veon BellPPR2019215285.2-25%
Kenyan DrakePPR2019214.2205.64%
James WhitePPR2019200.2187.47%
Phillip LindsayPPR2019197.7207.9-5%
Devonta FreemanPPR2019197.6232.9-15%
Josh JacobsPPR2019191.61882%
Marlon MackPPR2019181.3178.71%
Melvin GordonPPR2019180.8184.1-2%
David MontgomeryPPR2019170.4198.4-14%
Ronald JonesPPR2019166.3167.5-1%
Raheem MostertPPR2019165.2110.649%
Tarik CohenPPR2019163.9200.1-18%
Latavius MurrayPPR2019157.2157.60%
Duke JohnsonPPR2019154139.311%
Carlos HydePPR2019153.2169.1-9%
Sony MichelPPR2019152.6174.5-13%
Devin SingletaryPPR2019147.9150.3-2%
Adrian PetersonPPR2019147162.6-10%
Jamaal WilliamsPPR2019146.3143.82%
James ConnerPPR2019145.51395%
Royce FreemanPPR2019142.2167.6-15%
David JohnsonPPR2019141.5129.69%
Damien WilliamsPPR2019141.1127.711%
Tevin ColemanPPR2019135.4125.18%
DeAndre WashingtonPPR2019121.9138.2-12%
LeSean McCoyPPR2019118.6117.31%
Nyheim HinesPPR2019117.9120.1-2%
Peyton BarberPPR2019116.5125.3-7%
Jordan HowardPPR2019111.491.222%
Jaylen SamuelsPPR2019104.4135-23%
Matt BreidaPPR2019103.3112.3-8%
Kareem HuntPPR2019101.4100.11%
Rex BurkheadPPR2019101.1939%
Boston ScottPPR201996.984.315%
Frank GorePPR201994.9126.5-25%
Chris ThompsonPPR201993.6106.7-12%
Gus EdwardsPPR201992.693.6-1%
Tony PollardPPR201989.281.110%
Kerryon JohnsonPPR20198587.5-3%
J.D. McKissicPPR201983.890.8-8%
Jalen RichardPPR201982.895.5-13%
Alexander MattisonPPR201968.479.4-14%
Giovani BernardPPR201968.491.8-25%
Patrick LairdPPR201968.282.8-18%
Brian HillPPR201967.265.82%
Dion LewisPPR201966.382-19%
Ty JohnsonPPR201960.285.5-30%
Benny SnellPPR201957.969.9-17%
Kalen BallagePPR201951.871.6-28%
Bo ScarbroughPPR201943.254-20%
Saquon Barkley*PPR2018385.8346.911%
Christian McCaffreyPPR2018385.53549%
Todd Gurley*+PPR2018372.1277.534%
Alvin Kamara*PPR2018354.2284.724%
Ezekiel Elliott*PPR2018329.1344.5-4%
James Conner*PPR2018280243.815%
James WhitePPR2018276.6235.218%
Melvin Gordon*PPR2018275.5208.732%
David JohnsonPPR2018246.6260.1-5%
Joe MixonPPR2018243.4232.65%
Tarik Cohen*+PPR2018233.9205.214%
Kareem HuntPPR2018230.2162.742%
Phillip Lindsay*PPR2018222.8188.118%
Kenyan DrakePPR2018206.2180.914%
Derrick HenryPPR2018201.4160.925%
Chris CarsonPPR2018201.4191.15%
Nick ChubbPPR2018194.5157.124%
Tevin ColemanPPR2018193.6166.416%
Adrian PetersonPPR2018189193.6-2%
Jordan HowardPPR2018180192.9-7%
Marlon MackPPR2018178.1152.717%
T.J. YeldonPPR2018173.1175.1-1%
Lamar Miller*PPR2018172.6178.6-3%
Aaron JonesPPR2018171.413329%
Austin EkelerPPR2018168.8143.218%
Matt BreidaPPR2018162.5147.410%
Nyheim HinesPPR2018160.9179.9-11%
Dion LewisPPR2018160.7215-25%
Jalen RichardPPR2018156.6171.7-9%
Dalvin CookPPR2018152162-6%
Peyton BarberPPR2018150.3183-18%
Mark IngramPPR2018142.5125.713%
Isaiah CrowellPPR2018140.7128.89%
Kerryon JohnsonPPR2018139.4136.12%
Sony MichelPPR2018139.1140.6-1%
Mike DavisPPR2018136.8136.60%
Duke JohnsonPPR2018132118.911%
Latavius MurrayPPR2018131.91292%
LeSean McCoyPPR2018127.2166.9-24%
Leonard FournettePPR2018120.4124.7-3%
Doug MartinPPR2018119.9140.5-15%
Wendell SmallwoodPPR2018117.4108.78%
Theo RiddickPPR2018116.5147.9-21%
Jamaal WilliamsPPR2018114.4127.6-10%
Alex CollinsPPR2018108.698.410%
Frank GorePPR2018102.6118.2-13%
Royce FreemanPPR2018101.3106.3-5%
Damien WilliamsPPR201898.675.431%
Carlos HydePPR201898.4124-21%
Ito SmithPPR201897.7108.4-10%
Alfred BluePPR201897.3131.1-26%
Giovani BernardPPR201895.9104-8%
Javorius AllenPPR201893.694.7-1%
Chris ThompsonPPR201891.6108.4-15%
Gus EdwardsPPR201889.885.75%
Jaylen SamuelsPPR201889.585.35%
Devontae BookerPPR201887.896.6-9%
LeGarrette BlountPPR201886.5112.8-23%
Elijah McGuirePPR201885.993.1-8%
Jacquizz RodgersPPR20188396-14%
Josh AdamsPPR201881.985.6-4%
Corey ClementPPR201881.184.5-4%
Marshawn LynchPPR20187983.6-5%
Chris IvoryPPR20187894.9-18%
Rashaad PennyPPR201870.468.13%
Alfred MorrisPPR201868.182.1-17%
Chase EdmondsPPR201863.175.4-16%
Bilal PowellPPR201860.369.1-13%
Jordan WilkinsPPR201860.167.1-10%
Jeff WilsonPPR201844.462.5-29%
Todd Gurley*+PPR2017383.3302.127%
Le'Veon Bell*+PPR2017341.6371.5-8%
Alvin Kamara*PPR2017320.4238.934%
Kareem Hunt*PPR2017295.2274.97%
Melvin GordonPPR2017288.1292.7-2%
Mark Ingram*PPR2017278259.37%
LeSean McCoy*PPR2017263.6296.6-11%
Carlos HydePPR2017233.8267.6-13%
Leonard FournettePPR2017230.2237.2-3%
Christian McCaffreyPPR2017228.6235-3%
Duke JohnsonPPR2017216.1200.98%
Ezekiel ElliottPPR2017203.2200.41%
Dion LewisPPR2017203174.516%
Devonta FreemanPPR2017200.2192.74%
Jordan HowardPPR2017199.7215.2-7%
Lamar MillerPPR2017193.5218.7-12%
Jerick McKinnonPPR2017178.1195.3-9%
C.J. AndersonPPR2017175.1206.4-15%
Frank GorePPR2017173.6218.4-21%
DeMarco MurrayPPR2017171.5191.5-10%
Alex CollinsPPR2017171175.6-3%
Tevin ColemanPPR2017167.7149.312%
Javorius AllenPPR2017166.1186.8-11%
Marshawn LynchPPR2017164.2166.3-1%
Latavius MurrayPPR2017157.5161.5-3%
Theo RiddickPPR2017154158.6-3%
Giovani BernardPPR2017151.7150.91%
Chris ThompsonPPR2017151.4117.229%
Tarik CohenPPR2017150.1160.5-6%
Bilal PowellPPR2017145.2154.6-6%
Isaiah CrowellPPR2017143.5182.3-21%
Jamaal WilliamsPPR2017142.8143.30%
Kenyan DrakePPR2017142.3145.4-2%
Joe MixonPPR2017141.3169.1-16%
Orleans DarkwaPPR2017137.7142-3%
Jay AjayiPPR2017135.1175.2-23%
Derrick HenryPPR2017135128.55%
James WhitePPR2017134139.4-4%
Rex BurkheadPPR2017129.898.632%
Ameer AbdullahPPR2017124.4150.7-17%
Matt FortePPR2017120.4137.2-12%
Jonathan StewartPPR2017117.2135.9-14%
Samaje PerinePPR2017108.5150.7-28%
LeGarrette BlountPPR2017107.6120.4-11%
Austin EkelerPPR2017106.981.831%
Wayne GallmanPPR2017104.9135.9-23%
Matt BreidaPPR2017103.5105.3-2%
Marlon MackPPR2017103.397.96%
J.D. McKissicPPR201797.395.72%
Corey ClementPPR201792.463.346%
Rod SmithPPR201792.470.232%
Devontae BookerPPR201791.4107.8-15%
T.J. YeldonPPR201787.789.3-2%
Andre EllingtonPPR201787.490-3%
Jalen RichardPPR201786.187.4-1%
Peyton BarberPPR201785.796.8-11%
DeAndre WashingtonPPR201785102.5-17%
Chris IvoryPPR201784.7109.6-23%
Shane VereenPPR201783.7115.8-28%
Aaron JonesPPR20178065.622%
Adrian PetersonPPR201778.9116.1-32%
Elijah McGuirePPR201776.286.5-12%
Doug MartinPPR201776100.9-25%
Alfred MorrisPPR201772.282.5-12%
Mike GillisleePPR201768.863.29%
Kerwynn WilliamsPPR201767.991.8-26%
Jamaal CharlesPPR201767.587.2-23%
Dalvin CookPPR201765.465.40%
D'Onta ForemanPPR20175757.5-1%
Mike DavisPPR201752.170-26%
Mike TolbertPPR201750.566.7-24%
David Johnson*+PPR2016407.8343.919%
Ezekiel Elliott*+PPR2016325.4262.424%
Le'Veon Bell*PPR2016317.4313.71%
LeSean McCoy*PPR2016298.3245.222%
DeMarco Murray*PPR2016293.8287.92%
Devonta Freeman*PPR2016284.1249.214%
Melvin Gordon*PPR2016250.6238.95%
Mark IngramPPR2016242.221911%
LeGarrette BlountPPR2016232.9196.319%
Jordan Howard*PPR2016230.1212.88%
Jay Ajayi*PPR2016215.3213.61%
Frank GorePPR2016214.2238.3-10%
Latavius MurrayPPR2016208.2185.812%
Isaiah CrowellPPR2016205.1202.21%
Todd GurleyPPR2016198.2257.9-23%
Spencer WarePPR2016193.8197.6-2%
Carlos HydePPR2016192.11873%
Tevin ColemanPPR2016191.1134.143%
Lamar MillerPPR2016191.1226.9-16%
Matt FortePPR2016183.6193.9-5%
Jeremy HillPPR2016176.3177.7-1%
Terrance WestPPR2016171186.7-8%
Darren Sproles*PPR2016162.5162.70%
Theo RiddickPPR2016161.8163.5-1%
James WhitePPR2016161.7145.311%
Jerick McKinnonPPR2016148.4184.3-19%
Chris ThompsonPPR2016147.5140.45%
Jonathan StewartPPR2016146.4148.3-1%
Ryan MathewsPPR2016144.6119.721%
Duke JohnsonPPR2016144.2151.8-5%
Devontae BookerPPR2016142.7168.7-15%
Ty MontgomeryPPR2016140.5135.64%
Rashad JenningsPPR2016138.4181.3-24%
T.J. YeldonPPR2016137.7180.8-24%
Christine MichaelPPR20161371342%
Robert KelleyPPR2016132.6125.66%
Matt AsiataPPR2016132.5138-4%
Tim HightowerPPR2016126.8124.72%
Mike GillisleePPR2016125.77861%
Giovani BernardPPR2016122.3133.9-9%
Jalen RichardPPR2016115.5108.37%
Shaun DraughnPPR2016108.9102.76%
Robert TurbinPPR2016108.379.836%
Derrick HenryPPR2016105.791.815%
C.J. AndersonPPR2016102.5985%
Kenneth DixonPPR2016102.4113.4-10%
DeAngelo WilliamsPPR2016100.194.76%
Chris IvoryPPR201694.5110.6-15%
Charcandrick WestPPR201694.1109.3-14%
Zach ZennerPPR20169388.65%
Jacquizz RodgersPPR201690.8103.6-12%
Doug MartinPPR201685.5114.9-26%
DeAndre WashingtonPPR201685.285.9-1%
Paul PerkinsPPR201676.897.2-21%
Rex BurkheadPPR201675.977.8-2%
Thomas RawlsPPR201675.591.2-17%
Matt JonesPPR201675.374.61%
Jeremy LangfordPPR201673.274.5-2%
Fozzy WhittakerPPR201672.183.9-14%
Charles SimsPPR201667.978.1-13%
Alfred BluePPR20166283.6-26%
Justin ForsettPPR201661.692.1-33%
James StarksPPR201658.975.2-22%
Dion LewisPPR201654.771.6-24%
Wendell SmallwoodPPR201652.756.9-7%
Dwayne WashingtonPPR201648.773.2-33%
Devonta Freeman*PPR2015316.43121%
Adrian Peterson*+PPR2015260.7261.30%
Danny WoodheadPPR2015243.1223.29%
Doug Martin*+PPR2015232.3243.4-5%
Lamar MillerPPR2015231.9214.28%
DeAngelo WilliamsPPR2015231.4203.414%
David JohnsonPPR2015215.8148.745%
Matt FortePPR2015214.7222.9-4%
Todd Gurley*PPR2015208.418214%
Latavius Murray*PPR2015204.8246.4-17%
Mark IngramPPR2015203.4203.10%
Chris Ivory*PPR2015202.7211.8-4%
Darren McFaddenPPR2015195.7227.6-14%
Frank GorePPR2015193.4228.1-15%
DeMarco MurrayPPR2015184.4207.4-11%
Giovani BernardPPR2015181.2193.6-6%
Charles SimsPPR2015180168.77%
Theo RiddickPPR2015179189.2-5%
LeSean McCoy*PPR2015178.7188.7-5%
Jeremy HillPPR2015170.3165.93%
James StarksPPR2015166.3177.5-6%
Rashad JenningsPPR2015164.9177.6-7%
Duke JohnsonPPR2015164.3187.5-12%
Jonathan Stewart*PPR2015162.8179.7-9%
Ronnie HillmanPPR2015161.4174.6-8%
Shane VereenPPR2015158.5156.81%
T.J. YeldonPPR2015155.9184-15%
Jeremy LangfordPPR2015147.613410%
Javorius AllenPPR2015145.7174.8-17%
C.J. AndersonPPR2015141.3142.7-1%
Eddie LacyPPR2015140.6154-9%
Isaiah CrowellPPR2015137.8150.7-9%
Bilal PowellPPR2015135.1137.5-2%
Charcandrick WestPPR2015132.8137.3-3%
Thomas RawlsPPR2015127.6106.420%
Ryan MathewsPPR2015124.5103.820%
Karlos WilliamsPPR2015124.377.161%
James WhitePPR2015122.693.331%
LeGarrette BlountPPR2015122.6111.310%
Justin ForsettPPR2015122.4154.5-21%
Dion LewisPPR2015120.2101.718%
Ameer AbdullahPPR2015117137.1-15%
Matt JonesPPR2015114.4125.3-9%
Antonio AndrewsPPR2015112128.8-13%
Alfred BluePPR2015111.7141.1-21%
Le'Veon BellPPR2015111.2116.5-5%
Melvin GordonPPR2015108.3179-40%
Chris JohnsonPPR2015107.2130.5-18%
Joique BellPPR2015105.798.18%
Jamaal CharlesPPR2015101.184.320%
Alfred MorrisPPR201596.6142.5-32%
Chris ThompsonPPR201592.6912%
Tim HightowerPPR201586.481.17%
Jonathan GrimesPPR201585.585.30%
Jerick McKinnonPPR201583.472.515%
Mike Tolbert*+PPR20158372.515%
Marshawn LynchPPR201582.792.4-11%
Carlos HydePPR201581.390.8-10%
C.J. SpillerPPR201581.189.5-9%
Shaun DraughnPPR201577.9101-23%
Arian FosterPPR20157781.4-5%
Joseph RandlePPR201574.164.615%
Chris PolkPPR201572.391.2-21%
Brandon BoldenPPR201569.775.2-7%
Tre MasonPPR201551.580.5-36%
Tevin ColemanPPR201542.654.8-22%
Andre WilliamsPPR201535.453.3-34%

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