‘I Expect His Best Every Time He Gets on the Field’ – Dak Prescott on Reuniting With Ezekiel Elliott on Sunday

Dak Prescott discusses the Cowboys' "pissed off" attitude heading into Sunday's game and his excitement to reunite with Ezekiel Elliott.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is ready to turn the page to Week 4’s matchup against the New England Patriots and pave the road to redemption from last week’s loss.

Prescott said he was “pissed off” after the loss, saying, “I’m always pissed off. I’m always pissed off after a loss. I don’t know if we can rate my different levels of pissed-offness, but yeah, it sucks. It really does. You don’t do anything with the idea of losing or thinking you’re going to lose and until that last second. It’s not a reality in your head, and so yeah, we’re pissed off.”

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How Prescott Expects a Dogfight Between the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots 

The Cowboys can use their anger as fuel when the team takes on the Patriots back home at AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

Prescott describes the Bill Belichick-led Patriots as a team that “makes you play your absolute best and beyond your strengths” and tries to take them away.

He describes this matchup as a dogfight every time these two teams meet.

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“I’m excited for the match up know that those guys are, as I said, fundamentally sound going to disguise, going to give you tough looks, going to make you play your best, so it’s always fun,” said the 30-year-old.

214’s Brotherhood Bond

Patriots running back Ezekiel Elliott will make his homecoming on Sunday as he returns to AT&T Stadium for the first time since the team released him in March.

Prescott said he was excited for Elliott to return and to play against him.

Elliott mentioned this being an emotional game for him, even if he does not show emotions.

When the quarterback was asked about Elliott’s possibly running harder because of those emotions Sunday’s game will bring, he said, “Hell yeah. I expect Zeke’s best every time he gets on the field.” 

He said that comes from their friendship and their standard for each other.

“I can’t imagine that he doesn’t come in and run just a little bit harder, maybe, than he naturally does. Knowing the trash talk that we all just kind of naturally do over the years, but then getting a play against the guys that you’ve trash talked for years, yeah, I’m sure,” he added.

Prescott described Elliott as his little brother, saying it was tough to see him released from the team in March, but he knows it was a business decision.

“Zeke actually called me and told me, I guess a few days before it actually happened, just giving me a heads up,” said the quarterback, adding, “In that sense, it was business just talking about different scenarios for him, different ways to approach how they released him. Just talks of brothers, really.”

The quarterback and running back spent seven seasons together and were part of the team’s 2016 NFL Draft class. 

Prescott said it was huge to build the friendship he did with Elliott as a quarterback, telling the story of that friendship building because he was driving Elliott around their rookie year since the running back didn’t have a license at the time.

“I think that kind of forced our relationship to grow, but then just from there, it was about where we got picked. Obviously, any quarterback [and] running back coming in the same class they’re just going to naturally bond being able to learn the offense together, spend time together, get reps together, and then ultimately, when I got a chance to play, I just made it that much greater,” said Prescott.

Although the two may not be on the same sidelines anymore, they know their brotherhood goes beyond the football field, no matter the game’s outcome.

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