Draft With Your Friends! Pro Football Network Launches First of Its Kind Feature Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft just got a whole lot better! For the first time as the first of its kind, the PFN Mock Draft Simulator now allows for multiple users in the same simulation!

The NFL Draft just got that much better! For the first time, users can now jump into the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator with fellow draft fans, utilizing the first-of-its-kind multi-user feature, now live.

Run A Draft Simulation Your Way, With Your Friends

PFN is proud to announce that its free mock draft simulator is now fully capable of handling multiple users across multiple devices in one draft simulation. Create your room and get drafting with up to nine of your friends, family, frienemies, fellow fans, and anyone in between!

But that’s not all — in just a few short weeks, you’ll have the chance to draft with up to 31 other people!

The Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator offers a unique chance for fans as the only free mock draft simulator to offer a multi-user platform. Select your rounds, set your parameters, and draft for your favorite team against others who are controlling their favorite teams at the same time.

Stop the slide of a prospect by trading back and forth up and down the draft board with fellow users or the computer itself. Don’t miss out, though, because maybe another user values one of your favorite players more than you do.

A game-changer across the industry, PFN’s multi-user feature is the first of its kind and represents the only free simulator on the market that allows for such capabilities.

How To Use Pro Football Network’s Multi-User Simulator

Using the PFN’s multi-user feature is as easy as it is to run your single-user draft. Just head on over to our mock draft simulator and be sure to bookmark this because you’ll be coming back for more..trust us. Then, select the feature to either create a room or join a room on the panel on the right.

If you’re joining a room, have the room name handy to search for it in the search panel. If you’re creating a room, start by setting a room name at the top.

Once you’ve created the room name, you can toggle between a private or public room. A public room will allow anyone to join, whereas a private room will require a password to enter.

From there, select the amount of users you want to have in your draft and the number of rounds before proceeding any further.

Once you’ve created or joined a room, the fun is about to begin. The pre-draft panel allows the room creator to select the team of choice they’ll be drafting for. Once other users have joined, they will also be prompted to select their team to draft with against the room creator.

One board, one draft, all at one time.

If the users are set, the room creator will kick things off with the draft countdown before the No. 1 overall pick is on the clock. A five-second timer before any picks are rattled off will allow users to trade up for the first overall pick if they so desire — just remember to hit that ‘resume draft’ button once you’re done proposing a trade.

The draft itself is set once the room creator hits draft, and all users will select against the same draft board and the same simulation until all the rounds are complete.

See the top of the page for a full video tutorial of how the multiple-user feature works.

Ready to dive in? Head over to the PFN Mock Draft Simulator right now, and be sure to invite your friends!

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