How Much Do UFL Players Make? Breaking Down Salaries for the Spring Football League

With the UFL wrapping up its inaugural season, how were the players' salaries and payments broken down throughout the league?

Once in competing leagues, the XFL and USFL merged in November 2023 and just completed its inaugural season. Being a new league, there are several questions about the UFL pay structure and salaries, so let’s break down everything you need to know about the league’s paychecks.

Examining How UFL Players Get Paid

The United Football League operates under a seasonal pay structure, with the contracts running from Jan. 1 to July 1.

Players are paid $5,500 per game through the union agreement that’s in place via the United Football Players Association.

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UFL quarterbacks are paid the same as everyone else across the league (unlike in the XFL, where QBs earned significantly more than their peers). This was confirmed by UFL executive director of football operations Daryl Johnston in an interview with ESPN’s Kevin Seifert.

In the USFL, players earned a $5,350 paycheck each week in 2023. That amount was an increase from the $4,500 each player made in 2022. However, players who were listed as inactive or on the practice squad raked in $2,500 during the week — giving them $25,000 for their season’s work.

Who Controls the Financial Part of the UFL?

That role is partially reserved for FOX Sports CEO Eric Shanks. With his network broadcasting live games, Shanks has an involvement in the financial side of things for the league and represents the interests of 50% of the UFL board.

So, who comprises the other half along with Shanks?

That’s where the XFL group comes into place. Actor and past XFL CEO Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson represents one member of the XFL’s 3.0 ownership group. Joining him are Gerry Cardinale of RedBird Capital Partners and Dany Garcia.

The UFL has a broadcasting rights deal to air games on FOX and FOX Sports as well as on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN+, and ABC.

With the inaugural UFL season in the books, it remains to be seen if the salaries increase going forward as the league continues to grow in popularity.

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