How Micah Parsons Has Embraced the Lion Mindset To Prowl on Opposing Offenses

Micah Parsons has embraced the lion mindset -- here's how it helps the Dallas Cowboys defense grow into an even more powerful pack.

Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons is known as the lion on defense, prowling from sideline to sideline mixed in with pressuring the opposing quarterback. That lion mentality has helped Parsons become a better leader on defense and for the entire team.

“Lions have to work as a team to get what they need, and so they can feed their families. I said, ‘If you look at this, this is what we are, bro, like we out here trying to hunt this guy, and we’re trying to kill these people so we can feed our families like that’s our why.

Feed our families like that’s our why. I said no matter if it’s nature or in life everyone has a why and like every week we get a chance to go out there and fight for ours,'” said Parsons.

Parsons embraced the “lion” nickname in his rookie season but had now adapted to the “lion mindset” to bring the best out of the teammates around him. On and off the field, he connects a lion’s precision and methodical ways to his life and uses those lessons to teach the team around him. 

The Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive Zoo of Chaos

Parsons knows the largest feline works together with its pride, just like he does with the zoo of playmakers he has around him. He’s even gone so far as to call DE Dante Fowler the team’s jaguar and NT Mazi Smith the orca. 

Along with that, he credits ten-year veteran DeMarcus Lawrence for helping him adapt and grow within the run defense while also helping him bring out a certain intensity, describing Lawrence as someone who is “a big one about the mindset of how we’re going to hunt and how we’re going to dominate.”

He also gave DT Osa Odighizuwa credit for showing that he can be a premiere defensive tackle.

“Once you start incorporating his power and showing people then bringing out his finesse, he’s been creating a lot of success. So I think he can be an eight to ten sack guy,” said Parsons.

Keeping Parsons’ Lion Pack in Check

Being a leader on a defense full of playmakers isn’t easy, especially when success has come early for the Cowboys’ defense. But Parsons makes an effort daily to keep those around him from not being satisfied with their current success, reminding them that there is always more out there and to stay grounded.

“We’re 2-0 because of execution and how we prepared. That’s why we’re touring now. We’re not 2-0 because anything else, so just remember what’s our process, where we at in our process, where we want to be at going into the game on Sunday.

When you have that confidence, confidence, and preparation meets the game, you see the results,” said Parsons.

Those results have certainly come on the field for Parsons and the Cowboys’ defense. Through two games, Parsons has 7 tackles and 3 sacks. The Cowboys defense as a whole has given up an average of 5 points per game, the best in the league. The next closest team? The Cleveland Browns, who are giving up an average of 14.5 points per game.

Parsons is taking his role seriously and has even transferred that lion mentality to the field. He said that’s how his new lion crawl after sacking a quarterback came to be in the first place after he was joking around with Dak Prescott and came up with it.

With the Cowboys set to take on the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3 and the New England Patriots in Week 4 before gearing up for several tough conference opponents, Parsons will be looking to hone that lion mentality and keep his defense hungry for more success.

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