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    How Many Seasons Did Tom Brady Play in the NFL?

    Tom Brady is widely viewed as the greatest quarterback of all time, but just how long did he play in the NFL? Let's take a closer look.

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    When you talk about Tom Brady, many believe you are talking about the greatest quarterback of all time.

    The star signal-caller is the epitome of success in the NFL, and his story from softly recruited college quarterback to sixth-round pick to arguable GOAT is nothing short of amazing.

    Brady had a long and extremely successful career in the NFL, one that will leave him in the record books and Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, for all of eternity. But Brady’s skill wasn’t the only thing that allowed him to get to the mountaintop; it was also his longevity and the ability to keep his body in NFL shape for as long as he did.

    How Long Did Tom Brady Play in the NFL?

    Brady spent endless hours researching and implementing habits and techniques to ensure he could stay at his very best for as long as he possibly could. The sacrifices and the choices he made allowed him to play in the NFL for 23 seasons.

    Brady was 44 years old when decided to officially retire from the NFL at the end of the 2022 season. He had a personal goal of playing until he was 45 years old, and while he didn’t quite make it to that number, playing the tremendously taxing game of football for as long as he did, especially at the level he was able to do so, is an astounding feat.

    Brady’s Way of Life Made It All Possible

    Brady made a choice to devote his life to proper nutrition and body restoration with his personal strength coaches. As a result, Brady made an entire brand called “TB12” based on the lifestyle he chose to lead while in the NFL, which helps everyday people be able to live, eat, and train like he did with the hopes of being able to maximize their body’s potential.

    It is hard to argue with the results, as whatever Brady was doing obviously worked. His ridiculous resume — seven Super Bowl championships, endless NFL records, and 23 NFL seasons playing at a high level — speaks for itself.

    It’s hard to imagine we will ever see another career like Brady’s. Motivations change, preparation changes, and the game is different nowadays. Couple all that with Brady being different in his mindset than most people walking this earth, and it is easy to take a step back and truly admire all that he accomplished in his 23 seasons.

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