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    Who Did the Houston Texans Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

    The Houston Texans are looking to their 2024 draft picks to help build on a successful first season under head coach DeMeco Ryans and quarterback CJ Stroud.

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    The toast of the NFL Draft last season, the Houston Texans pulled off some savvy moves to land the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year with QB C.J. Stroud and Defensive Rookie of the Year with EDGE rusher Will Anderson Jr.

    It was just the fourth time a team has fielded both honorees in the same season, but second consecutive with WR Garrett Wilson and CB Sauce Gardner taking the awards for the New York Jets in 2022.

    Repeating that success this year will be daunting. Let’s take a look at a full list of the Houston Texans picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    Houston Texans Draft Picks by Round in 2024

    • Round 2, Pick 42 (from MIN)
      Kamari Lassiter, CB | Georgia
    • Round 2, Pick 59
      Blake Fisher, OT | Notre Dame
    • Round 3, Pick 78 (from PHI through WAS, SEA)
      Calen Bullock, S | USC
    • Round 4, Pick 123 (from PHI through HOU, CLE)
      Cade Stover, TE | Ohio State
    • Round 6, Pick 188 (from MIN through NE, LV)
      Jamal Hill, LB | Oregon
    • Round 6, Pick 205 (from DET)
      Jawhar Jordan, RB | Louisville
    • Round 7, Pick 238 (from NO)
      Solomon Byrd, EDGE | USC
    • Round 7, Pick 247
      Marcus Harris, DT | Auburn
    • Round 7, Pick 249 (from DET)
      LaDarius Henderson, G | Michigan

    Who Did the Texans Draft in 2024?

    Kamari Lassiter, CB, Round 2, Pick 42

    Houston held no first rounder following its aggressive first draft one year ago with DeMeco Ryans — using two top five selections on C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr.

    But on Day 2 of the draft, Kamari Lassiter became the selection to further bolster the defense.

    Lassiter enters the league coming off his best collegiate season to date — producing 37 total tackles including 3.5 behind the line of scrimmage. He’s also delivered eight career pass breakups, and produced those numbers facing a loaded gauntlet of Southeastern Conference wideouts.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings handed Lassiter a top-75 prospect grade. Cummings adds he’s a fan of Lassiter’s positional versatility.

    “He’s one of the better, more versatile CB prospects in the class, and he should be able to provide starting utility for press-man, off-man, and zone-heavy teams,” Cummings said. “Lassiter isn’t an overwhelming size threat, and he doesn’t quite have elite size-adjusted athleticism. But with Lassiter, there’s a very sound confluence of natural talent and intangible strength, and that combination should help him thrive at the NFL level.”

    Blake Fisher, OT, Round 2, Pick 59

    The Texans then turned to getting Stroud future protection at No. 59 overall — swooping up Norte Dame offensive tackle Blake Fisher.

    Fisher formed a strong tackle tandem alongside Joe Alt. In fact, both even flipped sides as Alt moved to left tackle once Fisher got injured. But he ultimately settled for the right side.

    Despite the position switch, plus being overshadowed by Alt, Cummings believes Fisher has a strong future as a trench starter.

    “Fisher has all the tools to thrive in the NFL. His quickness and length with his 6’6″, 312-pound frame make him an imposing athlete at right tackle,” Cummings said. “Fisher is far from raw, with good, strong punches and comfort with different sets rarely found in two-year starters.

    Calen Bullock, S, Round 3, Pick 78

    Houston earned the 78th pick via the Eagles and bolstered the safety room with Calen Bullock as the pick here.

    Bullock emerged as one of the top ballhawks in the Pac-12 and Cummings believes those instincts will translate over to the NFL.

    “The prime appeal with Bullock is clear: He has rare upside as a single-high playmaker and deep coverage safety. He brings elite center-fielder range with his explosiveness and long-strider speed, and he has the ball-tracking ability and ball skills to hawk over ill-fated touch and drive throws,” Cummings said.

    Cade Stover, TE, Round 4, Pick 123

    Stover was one of the best value tight ends going into the third and final day of the draft. It’s no surprise the Texans would want to add more weapons to their already lethal offense.

    Despite his mediocre athleticism, Cummings sees the Ohio State product as a major help for Houston’s offense.

    “Not only is Stover a potential game-changing asset at the catch point, but he’s also a stellar run-after-catch threat,” Cummings explained. “He’s agile enough to offset defenders, and his physicality, contact balance, and forward-pressing style allow him to relentlessly churn through contact and tackle attempts.”

    Jamal Hill, LB, Round 6, Pick 188

    Hill was a cornerback with the Oregon Ducks but projects now as a linebacker. The Texans have shown the ability to develop young linebackers and defensive players as a whole. Hill will be a project that will need multiple years to develop, but this was a pick that could offer plenty of upside in a couple of years.

    Jawhar Jordan, RB, Round 6, Pick 205

    Not many running backs at 5’9″ run with the kind of power that Jordan does. The Louisville product has had a nice career with the Cardinals and is coming off a 1,000-yard season. Jordan should be a nice developmental piece who helps on special teams in a big way. With the kick-off rule changes, Jordan could compete for a roster spot that way.

    Solomon Byrd, EDGE, Round 7, Pick 238

    In one of their perceived three final-round picks, the Texans provided further depth to their defensive line. Byrd was productive pretty much wherever he ended up in college so he should be able to jump into the Texans and provide some special teams help and further development.

    Marcus Harris, DT, Round 7, Pick 247

    The Texans continue to put draft value in the defensive line for good reason. Harris is a high-upside player who can compete right away with the Texans’ defensive line. He’s got plenty of quickness to potentially have a nice career in the NFL.

    LaDarius Henderson, G, Round 7, Pick 249

    The final pick of the 2024 draft for the Texans is a reinvestment in protecting their franchise quarterback. As a Michigan product, Henderson has been coached well in college and should compete for a roster spot going into the new season.

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