Houston 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Clayton Tune, Tank Dell, and Gervarrius Owens

    With our 2023 Houston scouting reports, we look at which of their NFL Draft prospects could be the next ones from the school drafted this year.

    Which of the Houston NFL Draft Prospects could be set to join the 17 prospects from the school drafted in the last decade? With at least three players with the potential to hear their names called from the school for the third year running, we have the Houston Cougars scouting reports for their top nine prospects.

    Houston 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

    Art Green, CB

    Strengths: Nice-sized corner who showed improvement in his game last season. Battles opponents throughout the route and has a nice move to the throw and an explosive burst to the ball out of his plant. Keeps the action in front of him, breaks down well, and gives effort against the run.

    Weaknesses: Must improve his backpedal. Not a stout tackler.

    Overall: Green is a developmental prospect who flashed next-level ability at times during the 2022 season. He needs a lot of work on his game, but he’s worth the investment on the practice squad.

    Christian Trahan, TE

    Strengths: Large tight end who was reliable as a blocker and pass catcher on the college level. Bends his knees, blocks with proper pad level, and keeps his head on a swivel. Always looking for someone to hit. Tracks the pass in the air, adjusts to the throw, and makes the reception with his hands. Sturdy tight end who takes a pounding but holds onto the throw. Possesses strong hands and pulls the ball from the air.

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    Weaknesses: Rumbling tight end who displays limited quickness and no speed. Doesn’t dominate as a blocker.

    Overall: Trahan comes with the body type, arm length, and pass-catching ability to be a third TE on Sundays, though his game does have limitations.

    Clayton Tune, QB

    Strengths: Tough, resilient QB, who has shown tremendous progress in his game over the past three seasons. Poised in the pocket, patient, and natural looking off the safety. Buys time for receivers, goes through progressions, and makes good decisions. Easily rolls outside the pocket and keeps his eyes downfield. Sets up screen throws, delivers the ball to the underneath outlet if nothing else is available, and only takes off upfield when necessary.

    Quickly identifies the open wideout and possesses a quick release and a live arm. On the same page as receivers, in complete control of the situation, and leads by example. Very elusive, consistently scrambles away to keep the action alive, and improvises once plays break down. Accurate with his throws in the middle of the field and has a legitimate deep arm.

    Weaknesses: Struggles with his accuracy on lateral passes or throws to the flanks. Must improve his timing. Late delivering the ball and has receivers waiting.

    Overall: Tune has been underestimated in the scouting community the past two seasons despite totaling more than 7,100 yards passing with 65 touchdowns. He’s a very accurate passer between the numbers, though he must improve his throws to the sidelines. Tune is a developmental prospect with the physical skills and mental intangibles to be a backup QB on Sundays.

    Want more information on Tune? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Clayton Tune, QB, Houston | NFL Draft Scouting Report

    D’Anthony Jones, DL

    Strengths: Junior college transfer who displayed tremendous progress in his game last season. Resilient, stays with the action, and plays with great intensity. Plays with proper pad level, keeps his feet moving, and bends off the edge out of a three-point stance. Breaks down well and effectively uses his hands. Also effective rushing the passer when standing over tackle.

    Weaknesses: Plays like an average athlete. Neither quick nor fluid getting out into space. Easily locked up by blocks or out-positioned from the action.

    Overall: Jones really watched his game take off last season, and many of his plays were made off of hustle. He comes with average size as well as speed, but the pass-rushing ability he’s shown the past two seasons will get him long looks in camp this summer.

    Derek Parish, EDGE

    Strengths: Relentless defender who fires off the snap with an explosive first step. Bends his knees, plays with tremendous pad level, and rarely gets knocked off his feet. Gets leverage on opponents, keeps his feet moving, and displays a variety of moves. Effective with his hands, explosive, and shows ability as a pass rusher.

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    Weaknesses: Easily knocked from the action by the initial block. Lacks the length and size to be a defensive end. Does not possess the speed to play in pursuit. Played in four games last season before being sidelined with a torn bicep

    Overall: Parish was a tremendous college defender who lacks the measurables for the next level. His knack for making plays behind the line of scrimmage and relentless attitude could help him capture a roster spot if he plays well on special teams.

    Donavan Mutin, LB

    Strengths: Two-down linebacker who is best defending the run. Quick diagnosing plays, goes sideline to sideline, and flows well laterally. Instinctive, remains disciplined with assignments, and quickly locates the ball handler. Breaks down well, easily gets outside the numbers to make plays, and uses his hands to protect himself.

    Weaknesses: Easily out-positioned or blocked from the action. Poor skill in coverage.

    Overall: Mutin is a run-and-chase LB who needs a free shot at the ball to make plays. He has the speed to make a roster at the next level, but he must learn to make plays in reverse as well as up the field.

    Gervarrius Owens, S

    Strengths: Athletic safety with a well-rounded game. Displays speed moving in any direction, crashes upfield defending screen passes or running plays, and shows a burst to the ball out of his plant. Effectively patrols center field, tracks the pass in the air, and has a nice move to the throw.

    Remains disciplined with assignments, keeps the action in front of him, and possesses outstanding size. Viciously attacks opponents and plays with a nasty attitude. Works well with corners to bracket receivers over the middle of the field and runs down ball handlers in the open field.

    Weaknesses: Stiff and doesn’t redirect well to the ball handler. Inefficient and overpursues plays. Must improve his ball skills.

    Overall: Owens passes the eyeball test and flashed ability defending the run and covering the pass. He possesses a large upside and is a middle-round prospect who must learn to play under control and throttle it back on occasion.

    Want more information on Owens? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Gervarrius Owens, S, Houston | NFL Draft Scouting Report

    KeSean Carter, WR

    Strengths: Texas Tech transfer who was moderately productive the past five seasons. Tracks the pass in the air, adjusts backward, and looks the ball into his hands. Comes back to the quarterback to make himself an available target, easily makes the reception on crossing patterns, and adjusts to the errant throw. Gives effort running after the catch. Has a solid build and uses his frame to shield away defenders.

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    Weaknesses: Does not display much quickness in or out of routes. Plays to one speed and doesn’t show much of a burst despite his 40 time. Struggles coming away with the difficult catch.

    Overall: Carter is a prospect who looks good on paper and flashes ability, yet has never consistently performed at a high level. He should’ve been in the conversation as a late-round prospect, but Carter will have a difficult time making it out of camp this summer unless he picks up the production.

    Nathaniel’ Tank’ Dell, WR

    Strengths: Insanely productive wideout with big-play ability. Effective route runner who quickly gets in and out of breaks, separates from defenders, and plays with balance. Effective when extending his hands to make the reception away from his frame. Works across the field to make himself an available target.

    Smooth but also quick. Uses the sidelines well, adjusts to the errant throw, and plays with outstanding body control. Legitimate vertical threat who tracks the pass in the air and adjusts backward to make the reception at full speed. Displays good route discipline and is very creative running after the catch. Instantaneously alters the momentum of games with huge punt returns.

    Weaknesses: Takes his eyes off the ball, which leads to drops. Unnecessarily lets the pass get inside him at times. Does not display strong hands. Small, struggles in battles, and is easily knocked off his route in bump-and-run coverage.

    Overall: Dell turned in tremendous production at Houston the past two seasons, totaling more than 2,600 yards receiving and 28 touchdowns while also averaging 17 yards on nine punt returns. He is a legitimate big-play receiver who must improve his hand strength and consistency catching the ball. Return ability alone is worth drafting Dell in the middle of Day 3, and if he ever learns to catch the ball, he’ll be lethal at the next level.

    Want more information on Dell? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Nathaniel’ Tank’ Dell, WR, Houston | NFL Draft Scouting Report

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