On this week’s Handle Your Business, I look at the NFL’s officiating problems and defend the referee’s role in them. I explain how the NFL Competition Committee causes these problems and just how many different priorities the refs have to juggle because of points of emphasis issued by the committee.

The controversy mushroomed when Clay Mathews III of the Los Angeles Rams was fined for this tweet criticizing the boss of the referees Al Riveron. Earlier in the season, the referees came under heavy criticism after a dubious illegal hand to the face call aided Green Bay in a win over Detroit.

The Competition Committee had the same chairman for over two decades and other members for more than a decade. Among the reforms I propose is a specific time-limited term on the committee and not allowing anyone to serve consecutive terms.
Then I take a look at the NFL’s improving ratings and the reason why that’s happening. A lot of credit goes to gambling and fantasy sports but should also go to some of the NFL’s emerging young quarterback stars.

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