In this week’s episode of Handle Your Business, I tackle the report that the NFL was interested in moving the Los Angeles Chargers to London, England permanently. Currently, the Chargers are slated to play next year in the new stadium built by the Los Angeles Rams in Englewood, Calif. To examine the viability of an NFL franchise in London, I talk with video producer and Birmingham, England-based Miami Dolphins’ fan Niamh O’Connor.

I also talk about the stories broken by Tony Pauline about the return of N.Y. Jets owner Woody Johnson and the implications for Adam Gase. There’s even breaking news on Dak Prescott’s contract as well as updates on both Antonio Brown and last week’s big story, Trent Williams.

In the discussion about London, Ms. O’Connor and I look at the attractiveness of the city as a place to live, the possible difficulties with travel, and perhaps the most important factor in any franchise’s ability to succeed. The nature of NFL fandom in the United Kingdom. Will fans who adopted other NFL teams drop them to support the team in London. Will the team be able to generate the necessary interest in leaner years.

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