Is Rex Ryan right about Amari Cooper? (Handle Your Business)

This week host George Templeton dives into the controversy surrounding the comments made by ESPN analyst Rex Ryan on Amari Cooper and other NFL related news.

In this week’s episode of Handle Your Business, I discuss the comments made by ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Rex Ryan. Ryan criticized the contract the Dallas Cowboys signed with Amari Cooper and called Cooper the “biggest disappearing act” in the NFL and a “turd,” the latter causing significant blowback in Ryan’s direction. Some of the game’s best corners disputed Ryan’s criticisms of Cooper. I will dive inside his career since joining the Cowboys and examine whether Ryan has a point or not.

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Amari Cooper vs. Rex Ryan

Cooper’s played 25 games since the Cowboys sent a first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders to take on the wide receiver from Alabama. Cooper’s numbers in those games, 132 receptions, 1,914 yards, and 14 touchdowns are pretty good. But are the numbers skewed by some monster outputs against weak secondaries? Did the best corners in the league erase him in big games? What about what Cooper’s produced in 3 playoff games? And why did Cooper get a deal before Dak Prescott?

NFL Commissioner and others meet with POTUS

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined several other commissioners and CEOs of other professional American sports in a meeting with President Donald Trump about the situation there sports find themselves in during the shutdown due to COVID19. The President expressed his belief that the NFL will be able to start their season on time. I explain why there’s a good chance that will be so.

Free-agency continues!

Even though free-agency is taking a back seat to the draft news, there are still important signings taking place. I look at the two biggest ones this week, Sammy Watkins staying with Kansas City Chiefs and Aldon Smith’s surprise signing with the Cowboys. Eric Reid accused the NFL Players Association of changing language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement after the union approved the deal. I also discuss the news that the Chicago Bears will have an open contest for their starting quarterback job between the recently acquired Nick Foles and the incumbent Mitchell Trubisky.