On this week’s Handle Your Business, I tell you how the 17th regular-season game the NFL is likely to add will work. I talked to one of my old friends in Richmond about this week and figured it out over an hour’s conversation.

I also look at Le’Veon Bell’s frustration with the NFL’s random drug testing system and whether it’s justified. The NFL had another refereeing controversy in the Colts-Texans Thursday night game, and I take a quick look at that as well as the end of the fallout from the Browns-Steelers brawl with some good news for Myles Garrett for next season.
So how do you add a 17th game and keep the scheduled balance? What about the places these games would be played. The NFL signaled that they would expand the international series games, but you can’t play that many extra games abroad. So, where in the United States, could they play these neutral site games? I will give you some suggestions.

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