In this week’s episode of Handle Your Business, I will take a look at the proposal Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder will make to Maryland legislators for the right to operate a gaming license at a new stadium built on the site where the Redskins’ current stadium sits.
With the official announcement that Raiders relocated to Las Vegas, I will look back at how that stadium deal came together and how it might be a road map for future NFL stadium deals.
The NFL released its latest numbers on concussions, and I take a look at what they mean for the rules changes they’ve recently made and the prospects of a more extended regular season. And some news about two interesting hires for offensive coordinator made this week.
If the state of Maryland accepts Snyder’s proposal for gambling, would it be a fully-fledged casino with slots? Would it just be a sportsbook? Would it be open on gamedays? What will the league think of one of the owners running a gambling establishment? Will the taxes collected partially fund the new stadium?

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