‘Much Different Persona’ – Haason Reddick Details the Type of Coordinator Sean Desai Is for the Eagles

    Is new Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Sean Desai different from Jonathan Gannon? Haason Reddick explains.

    2022 All-Pro Haason Reddick described Jonathan Gannon as fiery, emotional, and a “big juice guy” with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Gannon’s defensive coordinator successor, Sean Desai, is different, but Reddick explained why with Pro Football Network.

    Haason Reddick Discusses New Eagles DC Sean Desai

    So is the 40-year-old Desai, who comes to Philly via the Seattle Seahawks, more chill compared to Gannon?

    “I would say energy-wise, he’s a much different persona,” Reddick explained to PFN.

    What about having the same affinity for the game the way Gannon showed inside the Eagles’ facility?

    “But, his enthusiasm and love for the game is the same,” Reddick said when comparing the two coaches. “He loves ball and talks ball with guys all day non-stop. And I love that as he’s been here and we continue to get around him, learn about him, and get to connect with him, just showing he’s a great person and great human being.”

    By Reddick’s words, it sounds like there’ll be no drop-off in energy and enthusiasm at the Novacare Complex and inside Lincoln Financial Field.

    “He loves football just as much as we do,” Reddick said of Desai.

    Will Desai Bring a New-Look Defense?

    One design Eagles fans will have to get used to, plus defenders on the field like Reddick will have to get acquainted with, is Desai’s “Tite” front.

    Some football purists will look at it and think it’s a 3-4 scheme … which, in this case, makes Reddick a natural outside linebacker. But in reality, it’s a 5-2 look that emphasizes gap control.

    This doesn’t mean everything Gannon ran is being scrapped by the new defensive coordinator. This defense will still aim to open up lanes on the edge for Reddick and Co.

    Coverage-wise, Gannon’s scheme often saw two-high safety looks and the linebackers, including Reddick, assisting in dropping back into coverage. That’s expected to continue under Desai, especially in Dime and Nickel looks.

    His defenses are really designed to confuse offenses pre-snap and cause chaos after the snap. There’s a lot of disguising in coverage meant to throw off the quarterback, which bodes perfectly for Reddick and the Eagles’ pass rushers to continue their sack rampage as they take advantage of the confusion caused by Desai’s coverage looks.

    Reddick Pursuing Another Opponent To Sack Through Campbell’s

    Reddick grew up near Campbell’s Camden, New Jersey headquarters. Now, he’s teaming with the soup corporation for a new initiative — one that plans to sack hunger across America.

    “Campbell’s and myself have partnered to try to tackle the food insecurity across the nation with the Chunky Sack Hunger initiative,” Reddick shared.

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    “Our goal is to give $2 million for meals across the nation. So for every Chunky bowl that is purchased during the season, we will be donating a meal to those in need.”

    Reddick is joining nine other NFL defenders, including NFC East rival Kayvon Thibodeaux and two-time Pro Bowler Tremaine Edmunds, in taking on this new venture. More information on “Chunky Sacks Hunger” can be found here.

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