Free agency deals could be voided? (Any Given Friday)

    With the major part of free agency over in the NFL, could there be potential big deals that are voided due to the current status the world is in? Hosts Kai'Chien Chisholm and Eric Wiedeke dive into the possibility of voided contracts in the NFL.

    This week join hosts Kai’Chien Chisholm and Eric Wiedeke as they discuss the latest news on the Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. situation in Tampa Bay. The two also discuss which free-agent deals could be voided if never signed due to COVID-19.

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    Free agency contracts at risk?

    Free agency is one of the greatest times of the year for the NFL. On a yearly basis, bad teams decide to overpay or break the market for players trying to secure their financial future. This year, a lot of those deals were agreed to despite COVID-19 not allowing players to visit teams and take physicals. Adam Shefter was on ESPN and slightly mentioned that some contracts could be voided if a team finds a better value in the draft. This is all speculation from Shefters side of things and never confirmed that he heard anything from a source. It would be insane if we saw a big contract get voided because of physicals not being performed.

    During the podcast, our hosts talk about whether or not the Los Angeles Chargers or New York Jets are teams that could potentially pull a fast one on free-agents such as Chris Harris Jr. or Brian Bulaga.

    Was Tampa Bay the right choice for TB12

    Days after the signing of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht was doing an interview and mentioned that Brady was pitching himself to the Buccaneers. They didn’t feel like they needed to pitch themselves to him. This became very interesting after it was reported that Brady also pitched himself to the Indianapolis Colts, and they decided to go with Philip Rivers instead. Putting all of this reported news together makes a lot of fans think that Brady may be on the hunt for an MVP season in Tampa Bay.

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