Is Justin Fields the next Zach Wilson? Colin Cowherd Certainly Thinks So

FOX Sports' top radio host didn't hide his feelings toward the Chicago Bears' former 11th overall pick, or the media that he felt coddled him for three seasons.

It’s been a rough go for the 2021 quarterback NFL Draft class.

Whether it’s Trey Lance being shipped off to Dallas just three years into his career with the San Francisco 49ers or Zach Wilson’s demise with the New York Jets, four of the five quarterbacks selected in the first round could find themselves in new homes in 2024.

While some in the class have been consistently criticized for their poor play, Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd feels one of the signal-callers has been protected more than criticized.

Colin Cowherd Claims Chicago’s Market Elevates Justin Fields

“Can we all finally just admit all this ‘[Chicago] Bears are keeping Justin Fields rumors’ was all just to keep his trade value high,” Cowherd said on his daily show on FS1. “If Chicago bailed on Fields in Week 8 or 9, what would he be worth today? You can’t keep blaming the Bears. They went out and got some good pieces.”

Cowherd stated that Fields’ play down the stretch wasn’t enough for Chicago to warrant moving off the top overall selection, expected to be USC quarterback Caleb Williams. The long-time radio host stated that Chicago was “smart” to keep Fields’ market high to potentially move him during the 2024 offseason.

It doesn’t hide the fact that they are right to move him as well.

“It’s Year 3. His passing numbers are flat. His running numbers have gone down … they [the Bears] have added pieces,” Cowherd explained. “DJ Moore is an excellent No. 1 wide receiver, Cole Kmet is a very fine tight end, the offensive line is fine, and for the record, he [Fields] doesn’t win a lot of games. He is a dreadful fourth-quarter quarterback.”

In the fourth quarter of games in 2023, Fields completed just 51% of his passes for 552 yards with three touchdowns and six interceptions. His 53.4 passer rating in the fourth quarter in 2023 is easily the worst of all his quarters. This, to go along with a poor 10-28 record as a starter, is a clear reason why the Bears are looking to upgrade the quarterback room with the first overall pick.

Cowherd Compares Fields to League’s Worst Signal-Caller

It’s made it easy to compare his second-half numbers to a player that most NFL circles have considered the worst starter in football in recent years, even if the Chicago media tries to hide it, according to Cowherd.

“Their opinion of him is just not reality … just look at his second-half stats through his career … 77 passer rating, 58% completion percentage,” Cowherd declared. “Do you know who that is? The guy I keep comparing him to? Zach Wilson. New York media never defends Wilson. They call it as they see it. He [Fields] in the second half is Zach Wilson. The Chicago media has been protecting him.”

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Cowherd finished his opinion on Chicago media and the Bears quarterback question by stating that both Williams and the expected second-overall pick this year Drake Maye would be upgrades at the position for the Windy City.

As Fields’ trade market continues to take shape, Fox Sports’ top morning radio host made it clear that the former 11th overall pick is much like his fellow draft mates: among the worst throwers in football.

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