Former NFL GM Suggests Shocking Landing Spot for Denver’s Russell Wilson

Where Russell Wilson will play next is a big question mark right now. One former NFL GM offered his opinion, and the landing spot may surprise you.

With the NFL Combine right around the corner and the franchise tag window opening soon, there will be some interesting takes thrown around over the coming weeks. One of the offseason question marks centers around quarterback Russell Wilson and his future.

With Wilson’s tumultuous time with the Denver Broncos assumedly going to come to an end, those around the NFL have begun to offer their opinions on where they see him playing next. While some fits make more sense than others, there are some — like one former general manager — who are choosing to think outside the box.

Mike Tannenbaum Sees Jets as a Fit for Russell Wilson

Not everyone is going to believe the same things you do, and some may even flat-out disagree. Such is the case with the panel on the latest episode of ESPN’s Get Up, as former NFL GM and current NFL analyst Mike Tannenbaum suggests Wilson would be a good fit for the New York Jets.

“Yeah, I actually think he would be a great fit for the New York Jets,” Tannenbaum began.

The panel around him is seen getting up from the table while another is heard saying, “Oh my God.”

“Absolutely,” Tannenbaum continued. “Pay him a million dollars, and let him resurrect his career. … If you’re Russell Wilson and you don’t get … Where else is he going to go? He has to resurrect his career, so if you have to sit for a year why not sit behind one of the greatest of all time and then be a free agent again?”

It’s safe to say his commentary didn’t lack the shock factor.

“Guys where is he going to go, he’s 36 years old, no one is going to hand him a starting job, he’s going to have to be a backup somewhere,” he said.

That take is a lot to unpack regarding the esteemed Broncos passer and doesn’t seem to be a sentiment shared by his colleagues sitting there with him.

Wilson’s Rocky Time in Denver

Wilson had a rough tenure in Denver that only got worse when head coach Sean Payton was brought to coach the team. There were instances of turmoil, headlined by a late-season benching that had more to do with money than his performance.

That has all led to the feeling that Wilson will be playing somewhere else in 2024. Considering he’s on the wrong side of 30 — and now far removed from the most productive years of his career that came with the Seattle Seahawks — a fresh start is inevitable for the veteran quarterback.

Payton would not speak specifically to the finality of the plans for Wilson but alluded to the fact that answers will come soon.

“We look closely at where the pieces are,” Payton said. “Here are the ‘musts, needs and wants’ and when you asked the question about Russ, that factors in. Is it possible for us to do ‘this, this and this’ or not? I think that decision will be sooner than later. He’ll know sooner than later.”

In addition, Payton speaks to the fact that Wilson wants to be back in Denver.

“He wants to be back. That means something. But we’ll see.”

However, whether that will be the case or not is to be determined.

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For some, like Tannenbaum, the feeling is Wilson will be starting anew as a backup and not someone’s starter.

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