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    Fantasy Football Rankings 2024: Top Options at DEF Include the Ravens, 49ers, and Cowboys

    Defenses aren't super important in fantasy, but many leagues still require them. We want a good one. Where do this year's top defenses rank?

    You need to enter your fantasy football drafts with a good set of rankings. There’s more to successful drafting than just rankings, of course, but rankings provide a helpful baseline to help guide you throughout your draft. With that in mind, here are our fantasy DEF rankings, including a couple of highlighted teams worth further discussion.

    Ranking the Top Fantasy Defenses


    1) Baltimore Ravens | Baltimore Ravens
    2) San Francisco 49ers | San Francisco 49ers
    3) Cleveland Browns | Cleveland Browns
    4) Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys
    5) New York Jets | New York Jets
    6) Miami Dolphins | Miami Dolphins
    7) Kansas City Chiefs | Kansas City Chiefs
    8) Buffalo Bills | Buffalo Bills
    9) Pittsburgh Steelers | Pittsburgh Steelers
    10) Philadelphia Eagles | Philadelphia Eagles
    11) New Orleans Saints | New Orleans Saints
    12) Houston Texans | Houston Texans
    13) Chicago Bears | Chicago Bears
    14) Cincinnati Bengals | Cincinnati Bengals
    15) Minnesota Vikings | Minnesota Vikings
    16) Indianapolis Colts | Indianapolis Colts

    17) Denver Broncos | Denver Broncos
    18) Jacksonville Jaguars | Jacksonville Jaguars
    19) New England Patriots | New England Patriots
    20) Detroit Lions | Detroit Lions
    21) Green Bay Packers | Green Bay Packers
    22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    23) Los Angeles Rams | Los Angeles Rams
    24) Las Vegas Raiders | Las Vegas Raiders
    25) Seattle Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks
    26) Carolina Panthers | Carolina Panthers
    27) Atlanta Falcons | Atlanta Falcons
    28) New York Giants | New York Giants
    29) Los Angeles Chargers | Los Angeles Chargers
    30) Tennessee Titans | Tennessee Titans
    31) Washington Commanders | Washington Commanders
    32) Arizona Cardinals | Arizona Cardinals

    Who Are the Best Defenses To Draft in Fantasy?

    San Francisco 49ers

    Very rarely are fantasy defenses worth starting every week. The best defense is often whoever is playing against the worst offense. If you are going to try and roster a set-it-and-forget-it defense, the San Francisco 49ers are a great choice.

    Defenses generate points through sacks and turnovers. The 49ers possess one of the best offenses in the league. They score a lot of points and have weekly blowout potential.

    When the 49ers force opposing offenses into negative game scripts, those teams are forced to throw more in obvious passing situations. That leads to more opportunities for sacks and turnovers.

    Last season, the 49ers allowed the third-fewest points. They were third in QB hits and led the league in interceptions. You can’t go wrong with the 49ers as your fantasy defense.

    New York Jets

    What the New York Jets were able to accomplish defensively is mighty impressive, considering they were starting a quarterback who consistently put the defense in bad situations.

    Last year’s Jets allowed the 12th-fewest points, which, again, would’ve been even better had they had a more competent offense. They were third in tackles for loss, tied for 11th in QB hits, tied for seventh in sacks, and tied for eighth in interceptions.

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    With a healthy Aaron Rodgers, the Jets should experience fewer negative game scripts this season. More sustained drives will allow the defense time to breathe, leading to even better play.

    It’s not ideal the Jets have to play two games against the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, but they also get two games against the New England Patriots. With a favorable early season schedule, the Jets are a great option to come out of your fantasy drafts with.

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