Best Fantasy Football Punishments for Losing Your League

    Sometimes, not losing is just as important as winning. Here are some of PFN's favorite fantasy football punishments to keep in mind for last-place teams.

    The primary goal for every fantasy football manager is to win their league. But if you don’t win, sometimes, it can be almost as important not to lose. Or, more specifically, not come in last. Here are some fun and creative punishment ideas for last-place teams.

    The Best Fantasy Football Punishments

    I’m sure many of you have experienced the displeasure of seeing a team in your league reach eight or so losses and then stop setting their lineup. There are several ways to combat managers just giving up once making the playoffs is no longer possible.

    One of the best ways to do so is by imposing a punishment to the last-place team. Incentivize managers who can’t make the playoffs to want to avoid finishing in last.

    Punishments can range from fun and temporary to serious and permanent. I prefer to stick with the more lighthearted ones, but not everyone thinks the same way. Here are several last-place punishment ideas that cover a wide array of possibilities.

    The Waffle House

    Many of you are likely aware of this one. The last-place manager must go to a Waffle House with a 24-hour clock that must expire before they can leave. However, they can shorten their stay by consuming copious amounts of waffles. Every waffle eaten will shave one hour off the clock.

    The first couple of waffles are easy. But rather quickly, you will start to feel full. Do you accept the feeling and just wait out the clock? Or do you try and down several more waffles to get out of there sooner? It can be a lot of fun when the manager embraces the challenge and provides live updates on social media. Well … it’ll be fun for the rest of the league.

    Singing Karaoke

    It takes a certain kind of person to fearlessly belt out karaoke in a room full of strangers. If you know your league is filled with managers who wouldn’t enjoy this type of activity, then this might be the last-place punishment for you.

    Schedule a night out with as many of your league-mates as you can and have the last-place manager prepare for a rendition of a song either voted on by the rest of the league or, better yet, chosen by the winner.


    This isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not a punishment that will have any long-lasting effects. But it is an expensive one.

    The last-place manager will be forced to go on a series of flights that can be decided in any manner your league or league champion sees fit. You could predetermine the locations your loser must go to … or you could do something far more punishing.

    Have the last-place manager go to the airport of his choosing, buy the cheapest plane ticket possible on a flight leaving relatively soon after they arrive, and go wherever it takes them. Then, at the airport they land at, they must do it again. How many times must they do this? Well, that’s entirely up to you!

    Lemonade Stand

    Who doesn’t smile when they see a child running a lemonade stand, selling cups of delicious liquid for $1? Well, what if instead of a child, it was a fully grown adult?

    That year’s winner can decide where the stand must be located and how long the stand must remain open. Or maybe it has to remain open until a certain number of cups are sold? Either way, it will be a day of embarrassment for one unfortunate fantasy manager.

    Forced Date Night Without a Date

    Date nights are fun. Whether it’s with a friend or a significant other, it is nice to get out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie. But what if you had to do the fine dining experience without a human companion? I say “human” because this doesn’t have to be a solo experience.

    Being forced to go wine and dine yourself might be punishment enough. But why not up the ante and require the last-place manager to bring an inanimate date? Maybe they have to bring a giant stuffed animal to place in the seat opposite them. Perhaps a life-sized human doll would provide maximum embarrassment? The possibilities are endless!

    Other Fantasy Football Punishments for Last-Place Teams

    Tattoo Time

    I want to go on record by saying I am not a fan of permanent punishments. It’s fine if the punishments cost the last-place manager time and money or cause significant embarrassment. Those are all temporary. A tattoo does not go away.

    But if you really want to incentivize not coming in last, this is certainly a punishment that some (very few) leagues do. The last-place manager has to get a small tattoo designed by that season’s champion. If you think you’re going to end up with something cool … well … you already know that won’t be the case.


    This one is in the same vein as the tattoo punishment but can be temporary. Sure, the hole created by the piercing doesn’t go away immediately. But if you remove the piercing, after a while, the hole will close up.

    A fair punishment would be for the winner to pick the piercing the last-place manager must get and require them to wear it for a designated period of time (be reasonable with this).

    Bumper Sticker

    Once your league ends after Week 17 or 18, there will be a loser for that season. That manager will remain the loser until a — hopefully — new loser is “crowned” the following season. Until there is a new last-place team, the previous season’s last-place manager must have a bumper sticker on their car that reads “Fantasy Football Loser” or something of the sort.

    Social Media Profile Changes

    Similar to the bumper sticker, this is a loud and public proclamation that you were bad at fantasy football in the previous season. The last-place manager will be required to display something akin to “Fantasy Football Loser” prominently on one of their main social media accounts.

    This could mean a Facebook post, an Instagram post, or a tweet. It could also be more long-term, with the unflattering phrase of the winner’s choosing displayed in the last-place manager’s Facebook cover photo, Twitter banner, or Instagram bio for an extended period of time.

    YouTube Video

    In this punishment, the last-place manager must make a short video discussing how bad they are at fantasy football while also claiming how amazing the winner is and upload it to YouTube for the world to see.

    This is a great idea because it is both permanent and unserious. Nothing about this video would be designed to have any real impact on the person’s life. But it would be on the internet forever, allowing future fantasy managers to bring it up in the future and remind that person that they once came in last in their fantasy league.

    Attend a Sporting Event

    Just go to a sporting event? That sounds fun … right? Not so fast. This isn’t just gifting the last-place manager a ticket to a sporting event. For starters, the last-place manager is going to have to pay for it. Beyond that, though, they must wear a sign that lets the world know they lost in fantasy football.

    If you really want to add insult to … well … insult, you can also make them wear a jersey of a team they despise or their favorite team’s archrival.

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