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    Ephesians Prysock’s Draft Profile | Washington, CB Scouting Report

    Washington added a playmaker in Ephesians Prysock, and judging by his scouting report, an NFL team could also benefit in the 2025 NFL Draft.

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    His name alone catches the eye, but his game is what takes his appeal over the top. With his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report, Washington’s Ephesians Prysock has the tools to potentially be one of the first cornerbacks selected next April.

    Ephesians Prysock’s Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’4″
    • Weight: 190 pounds
    • Position: Cornerback
    • School: Washington
    • Current Year: Junior

    Prysock was a productive two-way player at Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills, Calif. He played both wide receiver and cornerback, but the Arizona Wildcats saw great potential in his ability on defense, and they signed him as a four-star recruit.

    2022 was only a tune-up season for Prysock, but in 2023, he flourished on an Arizona defense that featured several more 2025 NFL Draft prospects. Starting all 13 games, Prysock logged 61 tackles, a tackle for loss, an interception, and seven pass breakups.

    For his play in 2023, Prysock earned honorable mention All-Pac-12 recognition. He then joined the Washington Huskies through the transfer portal in the 2024 offseason, following his head coach from Arizona, Jedd Fisch.

    At Washington, Prysock will be pressured to perform as a CB1 — but judging by his scouting report, he has what it takes to live up to the expectations.

    Prysock’s Scouting Report


    • Unnaturally tall, long CB with a uniquely low-cut frame that helps him retain hip fluidity.
    • Shows off great initial explosive capacity and can accelerate with fast strides.
    • Rapid short-area mover with impressive foot speed and corrective athleticism in man.
    • Has the corrective twitch and malleability to snap into hip alignment and sink on breaks.
    • Has logic-defying hinge flexibility and deceleration capacity for his size overtop stems.
    • Able to use his twitch and recovery flexibility to keep leverage on stop-and-go routes.
    • Can execute crip 90-degree hip transitions upfield and pinch tight angles on transitions.
    • Combined size, explosiveness, agility, and fluidity amount to exhilarating upside.
    • Has shown he can match and redirect with feet first in press-man, using discipline.
    • Has a tight, smooth pedal in zone but can also play low, square up, and match WRs.
    • Able to manage route relationships against overlapping concepts while keeping speed.
    • Has enough vertical speed to maintain hip leverage and dissuade QBs from throwing.
    • Length and frame naturally allow him to occlude passing windows down the field.
    • Active support participant who chases plays with urgency, and tackles with good form.
    • Can use his length to engage and deconstruct blocks, and engulf runners at the sideline.


    • Explosive capacity, while great, is not quite elite out of breaks, or on the attack.
    • Doesn’t quite have elite fluidity, as sharp transitions can cause occasional hitches.
    • Visibly lacks elite long speed, as faster vertical threats can get a step on him.
    • Sometimes idles his feet in press-man, which can render him a step behind on recovery.
    • Can be baited into over-setting laterally by diamond releases, giving space inside.
    • At times, plant-and-drive footwork over short curls and hitches can be more efficient.
    • Sometimes makes things harder on himself by unnecessarily varying technique early.
    • Can strive for better overarching control as a technician in press and off-man coverage.
    • Is at times passive and unintentional with his length, allowing physical WRs to pry away.
    • Sometimes over-extends and lurches when jamming, losing balance and locking hips.
    • On occasion, attempts to grab WRs to regain leverage, risking penalties and imbalance.
    • Can be more consistent getting his head around vertically to track the ball.
    • Has room to improve his play strength to more consistently deconstruct run blocks.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Entering the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Prysock grades out as a top-100 prospect. That said, he has the high-level physical tools to rise into the top-50 range with a year of continued development and heightened production.

    Against his teammate from 2023 — Arizona’s Tacario Davis — Prysock actually scores higher in the categories of “fluidity” and “agility and twitch.” His short-area malleability is, at times, logic-defying for a player with his size and length, and that combination grants him tantalizing upside.

    That said, Davis is a bit more explosive, a bit faster on the vertical plane, and is noticeably cleaner as a prospect than Prysock is right now. Prysock has all of the physical tools, but his technique can be uncontrolled, his applied physicality can be inconsistent, and his ball tracking skills aren’t as adept.

    There are reasons to take solace in Prysock’s developmental upside, even with the flaws that are present. He offers the potential for vast technical variance with his all-encompassing skill set in man and zone coverage, he naturally occludes passing lanes with his length, and he’s a good support defender.

    If Prysock has to start early in his NFL career, technical inefficiencies may expose him to more precise, detailed route runners — and he doesn’t quite have the elite recovery speed and burst to compensate. But with more refinement, Prysock has every trait he needs to be an anger-inducing boundary presence for opposing offenses.

    With unique projected schematic flexibility across man and zone coverage schemes for his physical makeup, Prysock has impact starter potential, and profiles as a quality rotational contributor early on in his NFL career.

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