Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Advice: Should You Move Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and Brock Purdy?

The dynasty trade market is beginning to heat up! How should fantasy managers handle Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and Brock Purdy?

Perhaps the most important part of dynasty fantasy football is trading. After all, once your startup draft is complete, trades are the only way to acquire veteran players.

San Francisco 49ers players Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, and Brock Purdy are all very different dynasty assets. How should fantasy managers treat these players going forward?

Should You Trade Christian McCaffrey in Dynasty?

When it comes to a player like Christian McCaffrey, you don’t need an in-depth assessment of his talent. He’s the best running back in the NFL and has been so for a half-decade.

Last season, McCaffrey became the first running back to post two overall RB1 finishes in his career since Priest Holmes way back in 2002 and 2003. Since 2004, we have had a different overall RB1 every year…until now. McCaffrey’s first year in the position was in 2019. He just did it again in 2023.

In seven professional seasons, McCaffrey has completed five of them. His worst finish outside of his rookie year was overall RB2. He is one of the surest things in fantasy football.

With that said, McCaffrey is now entering his age 28 season. There’s no reason to think any sort of dip in production is coming. After all, I would argue 2023 was the best year of McCaffrey’s career.

Sure, he didn’t put up 29.3 fantasy points per game like he did in 2019. But he set career highs in rushing yards (1,459) and yards per carry (5.4). He just wasn’t called on to catch 116 passes because the 49ers have an abundance of weapons.

McCaffrey’s 6.0 yards per touch ranked third amongst running backs. 7.4% of his carries went for 15+ yards. Only three running backs did so at a higher rate.

As a receiver, McCaffrey led the league with a 19.3% target share and averaged 1.62 yards per route run. He’s the most complete back in the league. With that said, we know he’s not going to be averaging the 24.5 fantasy points per game he did last season forever.

In the past, McCaffrey has been criticized for his inability to stay on the field. I’ve always believed those criticisms were unjustified. It’s football. Players get hurt. McCaffrey spent two seasons battling multiple injuries but otherwise hasn’t missed a game due to injury. He’s a smart player who knows how to take care of his body.

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Plus, given McCaffrey’s reliance on receiving work to produce, he can likely continue as an effective pass catcher even after his explosiveness on the ground begins to wane. We shouldn’t necessarily treat McCaffrey like any other running back who is probably nearing the end of their top-tier production by 30.

Playing in an elite offense with one of the most elite skill sets of all time, dynasty managers shouldn’t be looking to try and sell McCaffrey at the right time. He’s the type of player you just ride until the end. If his manager is concerned about his age, go get him.

Final Verdict: Hold

Should You Trade Deebo Samuel in Dynasty?

I have such a love/hate relationship with WR Deebo Samuel. He is a joy to watch play — one of the most unique and dynamic players we’ve ever seen. But for fantasy, he’s very boom or bust.

Despite battling several injuries, Samuel averaged an impressive 16.3 fantasy points per game last year. It was nice to see him prove that 2021 wasn’t the outlier and that he is this good.

Here’s the problem, though. What made 2023 so good was just a lesser version of what made 2021 so good. Samuel had 1,405 receiving yards and led the league in yards per reception (18.2) in 2021. That helped. But the main catalyst for his 21.2 points per game was his eight rushing touchdowns.

Samuel had just 60 receptions for 892 yards last year. How did he get to 16.3 points per game? You guessed it — five rushing touchdowns.

Samuel is undoubtedly one of the most gifted rushing wide receivers in NFL history. He’s the best one since Percy Harvin. The production is awesome for fantasy managers, but is it sustainable? History suggests no.

Then, we have the issue of Samuel’s injuries. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: we can’t predict injury…most of the time. With Samuel, you can see it in the way he plays.

Samuel is a violent runner after the catch. His tenacity and desire to gain every yard possible contribute to what makes him such a great player, but it’s also resulted in some unnecessary injuries. Sometimes, I wish he would just go down. Deebo, you already got the first down and then some; you don’t need those extra three yards. It’s not worth it!

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At 28 years old, Samuel should have a good 4-5 years left of being a highly productive player. Dynasty managers shouldn’t be concerned about a drop-off.

However, with all of the weapons in San Francisco, Samuel has been prone to some duds. It’s difficult to want to trade away a guy capable of scoring 35.8 and 34.0 fantasy points in consecutive weeks. Samuel has that week-winning upside we look for in fantasy. But if you can sell him as a WR1 and get a younger, more consistent WR1 in return, you should. With that said, I don’t think you can. So, just ride it out.

Final Verdict: Hold

Should You Trade Brock Purdy in Dynasty?

About midway through the 2022 season, Brock Purdy quite literally did not have dynasty value. A third-string seventh-round rookie QB is not someone fantasy managers even bother rostering. A little over a year later, Purdy is a top-12 asset at the position. Incredible.

Purdy proved 2022 wasn’t a fluke with a stellar 2023 season. He threw for 4,280 yards and 31 touchdowns on just 444 attempts, averaging 19.2 fantasy points per game. That was good for an overall QB6 finish.

In single QB dynasty leagues, quarterbacks aren’t as important as they are in Superflex. Nevertheless, you want a good one. Purdy has more than proven worthy of being the guy for your dynasty team.

At just 24 years old and the head of an offense that should remain elite for years to come, the NFL’s leader in yards per attempt is someone you should want to keep around.

Final Verdict: Hold

With the fantasy football season behind us, why not start preparing for your rookie drafts with our dynasty rookie rankings? Additionally, as you look to improve your team heading into 2024, our dynasty trade calculator can help you find the perfect deal to boost your championship chances.

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