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    Duke 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include cornerbacks Josh Blackwell and Leonard Johnson

    Full scouting reports from the top players on Duke, including Josh Blackwell, with eyes towards the 2022 NFL Draft.

    An ascending program, the Duke Blue Devils’ prospects could be well represented in the 2022 NFL Draft, as indicated by their scouting reports. Josh Blackwell headlines the group that also sports dominant center Jack Wohlabaugh. Here are the full scouting reports from Duke with eyes toward the 2022 NFL Draft.

    Duke 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

    Blackwell is one of two cornerbacks listed below, and he is joined by Leonard Johnson. The cornerback tandem did a good job limiting yards in their coverage a season ago. Wohlabaugh was known for his solid run-blocking efforts, and Mataeo Durant saw the benefits more often than not.

    Jack Wohlabaugh, C

    Positives: Quick, explosive center who fires off the snap into blocks, stays square, and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Keeps his head on a swivel and possesses outstanding vision. Shows ability as a position blocker. Terrific with the shotgun snap.

    Negatives: Does a lot of leaning on opponents and holds on for dear life. Overmatched in the middle of the field. Marginal strength at the point.

    Analysis: Wohlabaugh was a hard-working college center whose quickness off the snap and ability to play with leverage gave him an advantage over opponents. He lacks upside. But if he can improve his strength at the point of attack, Wohlabaugh could be a backup in a zone-blocking scheme.

    Josh Blackwell, CB

    Positives: Well-built corner who flashes ability. Quick flipping his hips in transition, displays a burst to the ball out of his plant, and works to defend throws. Tracks the pass in the air, has a nice move to the throw, and effectively positions himself against opponents to make plays on the ball. Stays with receivers downfield and is fast moving upfield to defend the run.

    Negatives: Seems lackadaisical at times. Gets caught up in the trash and blocked from the action. Struggles staying on the receiver’s hip out of breaks.

    Analysis: Blackwell looked like a legitimate next-level prospect early in his Duke career, but he was very inconsistent as a senior in 2021. He possesses the size and speed and previously showed enough ball skills to get consideration as a dime back on Sundays. Nevertheless, Blackwell must get his game back together and be more focused on the field.

    Leonard Johnson, CB

    Positives: Nice-sized, physical cornerback who mixes it up with opponents and fires upfield to defend the run. Effectively diagnoses plays, quickly picks up assignments, and is most effective facing the action. Physically beats down opponents to defend the throw and competes against bigger opponents.

    Negatives: Must improve his footwork, as he’s all over the place and off-balance backpedaling. Slow in transition, late reacting to receiver’s moves, and struggles in downfield coverage. Never really lived up to expectations.

    Analysis: Entering the season, Johnson was given middle-round grades from scouts based on his size. Yet, in breaking down the film, he must face the action and improve his ball skills.

    Mataeo Durant, RB

    Positives: Hard-working back with outstanding vision. Patiently waits for blocks to develop, displays outstanding vision, and has a burst through the hole. Runs with authority and keeps his feet moving. Displays good short-area quickness with the ability to immediately cut back against the grain. Strong for his size, tough to bring down, and gets a lot of momentum going up the field. Works to get as much from every carry as possible. Solid receiver out of the backfield who adjusts to errant throws and makes receptions in stride with his hands.

    Negatives: Possesses average size for an interior ball carrier. Easily brought down at the point. Cannot beat defenders into the open field.

    Analysis: Durant is a somewhat underrated third-down back who can be used as a pass catcher out of the backfield and be given the ball in space.

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