Drew Allar’s Draft Profile | Penn State, QB Scouting Report

A one-time five-star recruit, can Penn State quarterback Drew Allar enter the Round 1 ranks with his scouting report in the 2025 NFL Draft cycle?

In his first year of eligibility, what does Penn State quarterback Drew Allar have to offer as a 2025 NFL Draft prospect? Can he make the leap into the Round 1 ranks with a strong 2024 campaign?

Drew Allar’s Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’5″
  • Weight: 241 pounds
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Penn State
  • Current Year: Junior

Allar’s talent has always been clear. At Medina High School in Ohio, he became his varsity team’s starting quarterback as a mere sophomore. And by the end of his senior season, he was named Mr. Football of Ohio.

In his final high school campaign, Allar threw for 4,444 yards and 48 touchdowns to just seven interceptions, and he also ran for 406 yards and nine scores. As recruiting outlets caught up to Allar’s film and rated him as high as five stars, teams like Penn State also took notice.

Allar had offers from virtually every blue-blood program in the Midwest — including Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame — but Penn State offered a chance to play early and also had a proven track record under long-time head coach James Franklin.

Allar was able to get his feet wet in 2022 in relief of Sean Clifford. And when Clifford graduated, Allar took the reins in 2023 and had a very productive first year as the full-time starter.

Helping lead the Nittany Lions to a 10-3 record, Allar completed 233 of 389 attempts (59.9%) for 2,631 yards, 25 TDs, and just two INTs — joining Hendon Hooker as one of just two FBS QBs in history to throw for at least 25 TDs and two or fewer INTs in a season.

Allar’s TD-to-INT ratio, of course, paints a prettier picture of the Penn State offense in 2023 than what meets the eye on tape. Down-to-down execution was an issue, and receivers weren’t able to separate often. But with Andy Kotelnicki joining the team as offensive coordinator, the hope is that the offense — and Allar himself — can take the next step.

Allar’s Scouting Report


  • Superlative size threat at QB with a sturdy, prototypical QB frame.
  • Possesses quantifiably elite arm strength and can drive velocity to all levels of the field.
  • Has the rare arm elasticity to adjust throwing angles while keeping pace off-platform.
  • Boasts good size-adjusted athleticism and has enough speed to get out in space.
  • Brings a quick, loose, and crisp release and can add pace with a flick of his wrist.
  • Has impressive command at the line, calling out blitz threats and using a hard count.
  • Flashes good mechanical feel out of exchanges, loading his hips with level shoulders.
  • Has shown he can anticipate route breaks in 1-on-1 looks and place to WR leverage.
  • Can anticipate sit routes against zone coverage and hit WRs with precise timing.
  • Shows glimpses of high-to-low progression work and can check down under pressure.
  • Has the patience and poise to step up and wait for the availability of middle-field routes.
  • Has fairly good discretion and won’t often force ill-advised throws when there’s no separation.
  • Able to sense backside pressure, step up, and escape into the flats with his mobility.
  • Has the wherewithal to throw the ball away when no options are available.
  • Will be just 21 years old as a rookie if he declares for the 2025 NFL Draft.


  • Tall frame and slight hip stiffness limits his creation capacity on the lateral plane.
  • Isn’t overly quick or malleable and doesn’t add a dynamic element as a rushing threat.
  • At times, can be slow and lumbering with footwork off the snap and out of exchanges.
  • Dropback and climb footwork can be uncontrolled, causing shoulder misalignment.
  • Frenetic footwork against pressure can tip front shoulder up and cause high misses.
  • Sometimes widens his base too far on his dropback, which can force readjustment.
  • Can be more disciplined with drift on his dropback, as he sometimes veers into pressure.
  • Can be quicker to settle and trigger on option targets early in progressions.
  • At times, intermediate and deep field vision and recognition can be more consistent.
  • Sometimes puts too much on short passes and drives the ball out of his WR’s reach.
  • Still learning how to rein in his arm strength and add touch on bucket throws.
  • Overall accuracy remains a concern, requiring greater control with arm talent.
  • At times, fails to adequately channel hip rotation on touch passes to the deep third.
  • On occasion, will attempt dangerous throws across his body in off-script situations.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Heading into the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Allar grades out as an early Day 3 prospect. However, he’s still just 20 years old and has the natural talent to vault up into the Round 1 conversation with a strong 2024 campaign.

At 6’5″, 241 pounds, the one-time five-star recruit has quantifiably elite composite arm talent, with both arm strength and elasticity above the 90th percentile. He’s a good athlete for his size, but the majority of his appeal comes from his upside as a passing threat.

With his composite arm talent, Allar can deliver with pace from many platforms — which, at his size, is an incredible quality to have. Beyond that raw talent, he flashes anticipatory tendencies as a passer, has good natural mechanical feel, and has impressive command at the line for his age.

For Allar, execution and overall accuracy are two areas where he stands to improve in 2024. His process with dropback footwork and pressure resistance can still be more consistent. And while his mechanics are solid, his footwork can lead to shoulder instability, and he’s also still learning how to properly channel touch and pace on certain throws.

Having said all this, there’s reason to be optimistic about Allar’s projection — especially after Penn State’s change at offensive coordinator. Allar shows glimpses of promise as a field general, game manager, processor, and pocket navigator, and he has the elite raw talent to elevate a team.

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