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    Dorian Singer’s Draft Profile | USC, WR Scouting Report

    USC WR Dorian Singer transferred from Arizona to join a loaded Trojans offense. We dive into Singer's 2024 NFL Draft scouting report.

    The USC Trojans have loaded up on as much offensive talent as possible as star quarterback Caleb Williams enters his final season. Incoming transfer Dorian Singer could become a serious 2024 NFL Draft prospect with another big year. We’re breaking down Singer’s scouting report for next year’s NFL Draft.

    Dorian Singer Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’0″
    • Weight: 185
    • School: USC
    • Age: 20

    Singer was part of a terrific receiving duo at Arizona in 2022, totaling 66 receptions for 1,105 yards and six touchdowns on his own. It was the second-straight season Singer averaged 16.7 yards per reception. As a true junior this fall, Singer does have one more year of eligibility after the 2023 season.

    Dorian Singer Scouting Report


    • Impressive production came when Singer touched the field at Arizona, proving to be a standout performer in 17 games.
    • Maximizes his height and length effectively, giving his quarterback a solid catch radius to target and trust Singer will finish the play.
    • Highly acrobatic athlete who can contort and control his body to ensure he comes down with the ball.
    • Shows great instinct and feel for the game, showing his hands at the last possible moment to keep defenders from swatting at the ball.
    • Solid hands and grip help him finish through contact.
    • Excellent concentration makes him a trustworthy possession threat on key plays.


    • Does not have the speed that usually comes with a thin frame. Singer doesn’t create much separation on his own.
    • Lacks the bulk and frame of someone who will be sent over the middle of the field regularly.
    • Struggles to create after the catch due to his lack of acceleration and power.
    • Overly reliant on acrobatic finishes at the catch point, reducing the margin of error for the quarterback to target him.
    • Route tree isn’t developed, and he may never be more than a vertical-stem threat due to his physical and speed limitations.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    A receiver who is only 6’0″ tall and under 190 pounds struggling to create separation with speed and as a route runner is not often someone who will star in the NFL. Very few starting receivers in 2023 fit this description at all. Slower receivers usually get moved inside to the slot, or they’re a dominant physical presence.

    Singer is somewhere in between those two archetypes as a prospect.

    He’s a fantastic athlete in terms of how he controls his body and concentrates throughout the catch process. His production, despite not playing on a particularly good or creative offense at Arizona, is a testament to how Singer plays within his skill set and how valuable it can be to have someone who owns the catch point.

    Playing with Caleb Williams will further highlight that talent.

    Where Singer has to improve is creating separation. He doesn’t have that great burst off the line, refined route-running ability, or threatening deep speed that allows an offense to keep the chains moving on anything but jump balls.

    This could be a function of the offensive scheme limiting him from growing his game beyond this role. Or, it could be a product of being a limited athlete who can’t generate more explosiveness and short-area burst.

    While Singer will have value for certain offenses and quarterbacks, his projection lands in the Day 3 range until we can see his game grow at USC. He’ll have to become a bigger threat both before the ball is thrown and after the catch.

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