Four NFL assistants have had domestic violence incidents (Handle Your Business podcast)

USA Today reveals that four assistant coaches have been involved with domestic violence

An article in USA Today revealed that four assistant coaches currently with NFL teams have incidents with domestic violence in their past. The author of the piece, Rachel Axon (@RachelAxon on Twitter), joins George to discuss the work she and a team of journalists did to find this out.

Axon and her team looked into the 700 coaches listed on NFL websites to see if any of them had a record with these issues. Also broached was the personal conduct policy in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and why it isn’t applied to management and coaches as it is to players. Rachel and George also talk about whether the NFL needs to issues new rules when it comes to NFL teams and there hiring practices for management and coaches. 

Super Bowl halftime act announced and other news

It looks as if the NFL’s deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation is already paying dividends as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will headline this year’s Super Bowl halftime show in Miami. The two stars make history as the first Latina women to perform at the halftime show. This could have been the chance for the NFL to grab Mr. 305 himself Pitbull, but Lopez and Shakira will work just as well.

After meeting opposition from NFL Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith on an 18-game season, the NFL dropped the idea but wants a 17-game regular season with fewer preseason games. The NFL would lose the fourth preseason game, which would essentially allow the chance for them to get their extra regular season game. 

Questions for the podcast team

  • Should the NFL institute a personal conduct policy for management and coaches?
  • Are you excited to see Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the Super Bowl halftime show?
  • Do you want to see a 17-game regular season?

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