Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Throws Shade at Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Online – “I’m Big Like That”

Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill and Cowboys LB Micah Parsons continue their war of words in anticipation of much-anticipated Christmas Day showdown.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons are two of the most remarkable athletes in a league overrun with remarkable athletes.

Hill, nicknamed “Cheetah” for his blazing speed, torched defenders to the tune of 1,710 receiving yards a season ago. It was the fifth 1,000-yard season in Hill’s career, and it was also a career-high in his first season sans Patrick Mahomes since 2018.

Parsons, likewise, continued to torment opposing O-lines and signal-callers like few ever have. His uncanny burst for an off-ball linebacker has helped him to rack up an eye-popping 26.5 sacks in his first two pro seasons.

Hill and Parsons have chirped one another publicly in the past. While the barbs they’ve exchanged largely seem good-spirited in nature, the bravado and claims of superiority undoubtedly come with a kernel of belief and unwavering self-confidence behind them.

For instance, Parsons beat Hill at his own game last year … surprisingly besting the speedster in a footrace at the Pro Bowl’s skills competition. But Hill’s calling Parsons out once more, saying he wants to see the star pass rusher mano a mano in the trenches.

Tyreek Hill Calls Out Micah Parsons After Big Block: “Watch Your Back”

Hill began the year in rare form, even by his lofty standards. The seven-time Pro Bowler pulled in 11 catches for 215 yards and two scores in a narrow win over the Los Angeles Chargers. When asked about the performance Hill responded like only he can, as per

“I just feel like nobody can guard me. Maybe I’m not a cheetah. I’m a lion, baby.”

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Parsons, notably an alum of the Penn State Nittany Lions, took exception to Hill’s proclamation and wasn’t remotely shy about making it known on his Bleacher Report podcast, “The Edge.”

“Tyreek, please never say you’re a lion again. Just stick to ‘the cheetah’, brother,” Parsons said. “You don’t want nothing to do with this lion work. Please stay away from the lion. At least you did say you a baby lion, but then you would be a cub, brother.”

Parsons concluded his thoughts on the matter by saying he expected a “stupid” response from Hill and that he was eagerly awaiting their respective teams’ Christmas day showdown.

Hill, notably, garnered some attention recently for a block he laid on a New England Patriots defensive lineman. Hill, who’s mostly revered for his pass-catching prowess, helped to seal the edge and spring running back Raheem Mostert for a big gain.

That element of Hill’s game isn’t exactly as renowned as his work catching touchdowns. But Hill’s evidently feeling himself after showing off his blocking chops. And, perhaps predictably by now, he didn’t pull any punches in his reply to Parsons.

“Micah Parsons, when we play you December 25th on Christmas day I have a present for you, my boy,” Hill retorted. “I know you’ve seen my little clip where I was blocking the ‘D-End’ I’m big like that, I’m off the edge like that. So you better watch your back.”

Now there’s a more fun, tongue-in-cheek nature to this rivalry than there was with, say, Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib. But that shouldn’t deter interest in the inevitable showdown between Parsons’ Cowboys and Hill’s Dolphins come Christmas.
Both teams are 2-0 and figure to be in the thick of the playoff race by late December. The battle for supremacy between Hill and Parsons is just a bonus for the football-loving public.

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