‘One of Them Ones’ — Dolphins RB De’Von Achane Receives High Praise From Jaylen Waddle and Others

    Miami Dolphins rookie RB De'Von Achane is taking training camp by storm. Star WR Jaylen Waddle has been impressed, and others have heaped praise on the rookie.

    Miami Dolphins rookie RB De’Von Achane continues to shine, and notable veterans are taking notice. The Dolphins and head coach Mike McDaniel prioritize speed as much as any team in the NFL, and it appears they have found lightning in a bottle in Achane.

    Miami Dolphins RB De’Von Achane Receiving Rave Reviews From Camp

    If anyone on the Dolphins knows a thing about speed, it is WR Jaylen Waddle. Waddle, who possesses world-class speed and is one of the fastest players in the NFL, commented on Achane’s rapid development.

    “One of them ones,” is how Waddle described Achane, a high-praise for the rookie third-rounder from Texas A&M. Which makes you wonder why Achane was bypassed by the majority of the NFL at least twice before the Dolphins drafted him with the 84th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

    Some NFL Draft analysts perceived Achane as being too diminutive for the position and that his lack of size would cause him to wash out of the league. Where teams saw a liability, the Dolphins saw an opportunity, adding the explosive Aggies playmaker to their backfield of sprinters.

    The Dolphins were linked to explosive playmakers throughout the 2023 NFL Draft process. At one point, rumored interest in a trade-up for Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs made the rounds in NFL circles.

    The Dolphins lacked the draft compensation to make a move up in the draft, and the Detroit Lions selected Gibbs with the 12th overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, making the point and the speculation moot, but the Dolphins didn’t sway from their desire to add speed to an already loaded offense featuring some of the fastest playmakers in the game.

    McDaniel is one of the brightest young offensive minds in the sport, and if he was giddy over the Achane selection while singing his praises, you know the Dolphins have a plan in store for the rookie back.

    Miami has been linked to former Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook; with De’Von Achane performing in the manner he has so far, the Dolphins could turn their attention away from Cook entirely.

    Ahead of Achane in the pecking order is Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. Both players are talented and fast in their own right but also carry a lengthy injury history, which could clear a path for Achane to ascend the depth chart sooner rather than later.

    Achane has been more than a speedster early on in his Dolphins career. Dolphins QB Mike White commented recently on Achane’s pass-catching and blocking prowess.

    The compliments don’t end there as Dolphins S Brandon Jones compared Achane to former Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson, one of the most explosive backs in the NFL in recent memory.

    The sky is the limit for the Dolphins’ third-round rookie back, and Achane is just getting started.

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