Did Pete Carroll Play in the NFL?

    While Pete Carroll has been an NFL coach for a long time, one may wonder if he ever played in the NFL. Let's take a closer look to find out.

    When you look at head coaches in the NFL and the ever-growing youth movement across the league, it almost serves as a refreshing reminder of yesteryears when you see some of the elder statesmen and their teams doing well in 2023.

    One of the oldest is Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll has been in the NFL for a long time, in fact. Carroll is the oldest head coach in the league with an impressively long résumé of coaching at the highest level under his belt.

    While Carroll has been manning the sidelines for decades as a coach, one may wonder if Carroll has playing experience to go along with his coaching experience. Let’s take a closer look to find out.

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    Did Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Play in the NFL?

    The simple answer to this question is no, but that does not mean that Carroll never roamed a football field or two in his day.

    While Carroll never played football professionally, he did enjoy playing time at the collegiate level when Carroll attended junior college at the College of Marin, where he played football for two years before transferring to the University of the Pacific and did not continue to play beyond that.

    Carroll was also quite versatile during his high school playing days while attending Redwood High School in Larkspur, California. Carroll played three positions during that time: quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back.

    Carroll Has Spent a Long Time in the NFL

    While Carroll has never actually suited up in the NFL, it does not mean he hasn’t had a long and impactful career in the league. Carroll has coached in the NFL for 18 seasons total, and at 72 years old, he is the oldest coach in the league.

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    Carroll began his NFL career as defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills, then spent time with the Minnesota Vikings before becoming the New York Jets defensive coordinator and eventual head coach.

    Of the 18 seasons Carroll has spent in the NFL, 14 of them have been as the head man with the Seahawks organization. Carroll’s longevity speaks for itself, but his tenure in the NFL, as well as the success he has enjoyed, makes him one of the most respected members of the exclusive fraternity of head coaches.

    A Super Bowl champion, a leader of men, and a well-respected man of the NFL community, Carroll has had a long-lasting impression on the NFL — even if he has never suited up and actually played.

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