DeVonta Smith’s Contract, Salary, Bonuses, and Net Worth

    What is DeVonta Smith's contract with the Eagles, how much will he count against the cap in 2023, and when is he eligible for an extension?

    As we reach the end of his second year in the league, DeVonta Smith’s contract situation will get interesting in the next 12 to 15 months. Let’s take a look at Smith’s contract heading into the 2023 NFL offseason, when he is eligible for an extension, and what we might expect in terms of a potential fifth-year option.

    DeVonta Smith’s Contract Details

    After being selected 10th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Smith signed a four-year contract worth $20.141 million with the Philadelphia Eagles. The contract is fully guaranteed and contains a $12.008 million signing bonus. The four-year deal runs from 2021 to 2024 but has a fifth-year option that the Eagles can choose to exercise.

    Heading into the 2023 season, Smith is set to count for $5.493 million against the Eagles’ salary cap — the 46th-highest WR cap number as things stand on Feb. 7. That cap number is made up as follows:

    • Salary: $940,000
    • Signing Bonus (Prorated): $3.002 million
    • Roster Bonus: $1.551 million
    • 2023 Cap Number: $5.493 million

    Smith’s cap number will not increase massively in 2024. He will count for just $6.409 million against the Eagles’ cap next year.

    When Is Smith Eligible for a Contract Extension?

    Next offseason will be huge for Smith. Smith is eligible for a contract extension in 2024, which is also the offseason that the Eagles can exercise his fifth-year option. That fifth-year option’s value depends on Smith’s performance in the first three years of his career.

    Through the first two years, Smith has already qualified for the second tier of value for his fifth-year option.

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    Having not made the Pro Bowl in his first two years, he is not eligible for the top tier, which requires multiple Pro Bowl selections. If he makes the Pro Bowl on the original ballot in 2023, Smith would be eligible for the third tier.

    Based on current projections, that would place Smith’s potential fifth-year option values at around $20-22.5 million. If the Eagles were to pick up the fifth-year option, Smith’s salary for the 2025 season would be fully guaranteed.

    Smith’s Net Worth

    Current projections for Smith’s net worth place him around $1-1.5 million. While those are purely estimates, what we do know is that Smith has NFL career earnings of $14.244 million in cash through the first two years of his career. If he plays out the remainder of his rookie deal, that will increase to $20.141 million in earnings.

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