Who Did the Detroit Lions Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

Fresh off its first glimpse of postseason success in over 30 years, the Detroit Lions hope to pull off some more magic with their 2024 draft picks.

For the first time in 32 years, the Detroit Lions won a playoff game, beating the Los Angeles Rams 23-24 in the Wild Card Round this past season. Just in case anybody thought it was by accident, the Lions followed that with a second playoff win, beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round, 31-23.

However, Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin in the NFC Championship Game with a loss to the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31.

With momentum heading into the offseason for the first time in over three decades, Detroit looks to capitalize on the moment with a solid stable of picks in the 2024 NFL Draft after an impressive haul last season.

Detroit Lions Draft Picks by Round in 2024

  • Round 1, Pick 24 (from DAL)
    Terrion Arnold, CB | Alabama
  • Round 2, Pick 61
    Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB | Missouri
  • Round 4, Pick 126 (from NYJ through GB)
    Giovanni Manu, OT | British Columbia
  • Round 4, Pick 132 (from PHI through SF)
    Sione Vaki, RB | Utah
  • Round 6, Pick 189 (from DEN through LAR, BUF, HOU, DET)
    Mekhi Wingo, DT | LSU
  • Round 6, Pick 210 (from PHI)
    Christian Mahogany, G | Boston College

Who Did the Lions Draft in 2024?

Terrion Arnold, CB, Round 1, Pick 24

After a phenomenal run last season, one glaring need for the Lions was in the team’s secondary. While the defense exceeded expectations, cornerback was still a question heading into the 2024 NFL Draft.

Detroit answered that question by trading up and selecting Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Arnold’s skillset in his scouting report. “Arnold has the traits to be a lockdown cover man and a devastating support presence,” Cummings said.

“At just 21 years old, Arnold has a long prime ahead of him. And with a little more refinement, he can be a true impact starter who specializes in man but holds his own in zone. And he has the slot versatility and playmaking authority to be the central moving piece of a secondary.”

Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB, Round 2, Pick 61

After landing arguably the steal of the draft in cornerback Terrion Arnold in the first round, Detroit added another playmaker to the secondary. The Lions selected Missouri cornerback Ennis Rakestraw Jr. with the No. 61 overall selection in the second round.

Detroit’s secondary struggled last season and it’s clear the position was a priority in the 2024 NFL Draft. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings analyzed Rakestraw’s skillset in his scouting report.

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“Ennis Rakestraw Jr. has one of the best coverage frameworks in the class, and he’s tailor-made to be a potentially suffocating force in man coverage. He can be a quality starter early in his career, with an impact-starter upside.”

Giovanni Manu, OT, Round 4, Pick 126

The Lions traded a 2025 third-round pick to jump ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles and potentially select the next Jordan Mailata. Detroit selected British Columbia offensive tackle Giovanni Manu with the No. 126 overall selection in the fourth round.

Manu wowed NFL teams with his athletic testing during the pre-draft process. He’ll be an intriguing player to watch develop along Detroit’s offensive line over the next few years.

Sione Vaki, RB, Round 4, Pick 132

Detroit made another trade up to add another versatile piece to the team’s roster. The Lions traded up to select Utah safety/running back Sione Vaki with the No. 132 overall selection in the fourth round.

Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Vaki as a safety in his scouting report but the Lions announced him as a running back, which he also played at Utah.

“Sione Vaki has the short area explosiveness and physicality to thrive as an box safety who patrols the first level effectively, but his long speed and lack of size could present reliability issues as a single-high safety or man-to-man coverage assignments.”

Mekhi Wingo, DT, Round 6, Pick 189

The Lions traded up to add another player in the trenches for their defensive front. Detroit selected LSU defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo with the No. 189 overall selection in the sixth round. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Wingo’s ability in his scouting report.

“Undersized but effective disruptors always have a place in the NFL, and Mekhi Wingo fits that mold to a tee,” Cummings said. “He’s a narrow-built, sawed-off interior defensive lineman who only has middling length — but he more than compensates with his bristling explosiveness, speed-to-power, pass-rush arsenal, and relentless motor.”

Christian Mahogany, G, Round 6, Pick 210

After a surprising fall, Detroit landed one of the most athletic offensive lineman in this year’s draft class. The Lions selected Boston College offensive lineman Christian Mahogany with the No. 210 overall selection in the sixth round. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Mahogany’s abilities in his scouting report.

“Overall, Christian Mahogany is a superb run blocker who can pull, seal, acquire leverage, and plow defenders out of gaps,” Cummings said. “In pass protection, the natural leverage, anchor strength, physicality, and awareness are there to build on.”

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