Deshaun Watson Fantasy Outlook: Should you stash in preparation for a trade at the deadline?

    Deshaun Watson is likely on your waiver wire in fantasy football, but with all the trade talks, should you add him to your roster this week?

    We’ve made it through seven weeks of NFL action, and there’s still a large elephant in the room named Deshaun Watson. Watson’s civil court cases are still pending, and as of writing this article, he has not yet been charged with an actual crime. On the flip side, he also hasn’t played a snap of football since last season. So, is Watson worth adding to your bench in fantasy football? Let’s look at all the factors and decide.

    Deshaun Watson fantasy outlook for 2021

    There has been a lot of talk, especially lately, about Watson being traded from the Houston Texans. The landing spot isn’t exactly clear, but a few teams have been mentioned. The best two for Watson, in my opinion, are the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers.

    Deshaun Watson’s value if he’s traded to the Dolphins

    If Watson goes to the Dolphins in a trade that may or may not involve QB Tua Tagovailoa, Twitter may just implode on itself. The talk about this trade has been going on for a while, and both fan bases seem stuck in their opinions. Most Dolphins fans hate it, and the majority of Texans fans love it. However, most fantasy players aren’t sure what to think about it.

    For fantasy, it’s hard to imagine a world where Watson gets to play with WR Jaylen Waddle and doesn’t have a good season. The surrounding talent is great, and the team will need a big spark to turn things around. If Miami wants to win anything this year, they need to make a trade like this, and they need to do it soon.

    On the other hand, assuming Tua is involved, the Texans would be getting a new QB of the future for their own. They’d be free from the Watson drama, and Tua should slot in nicely with WR Brandin Cooks and that offense of aging veterans. It’d probably be better for dynasty than redraft, but overall, this could help Tua’s value as well.

    The implications if he’s traded to the Panthers

    If Watson goes to the NFC South and joins the Panthers, it’s hard to imagine what the Texans would be getting back. There was some talk in the offseason about the Panthers sending Christian McCaffrey to the Texans in a deal, but I’m not sure that would work. The Texans have a lot of older running backs already. I can’t see them giving up Watson for an injured one — even if he is one of the best in the league.

    For Watson, he should land on his feet and be a fantasy stud immediately. The surrounding cast in Carolina is significantly better than what he was going to work with this year. WRs DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and rookie Terrace Marshall Jr. would provide a plethora of options and make Watson fantasy-relevant right out of the gate.

    For the Texans, it depends on what they get back. It could be something to avoid altogether. If Houston receives picks and decide to stick with Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills for this year, then this would be a huge downgrade for all Texans players. If they can land Sam Darnold in a trade, then maybe they’ll see a boost in the short term. Nevertheless, Darnold is not a long-term solution either in my eyes.

    Is Watson worth adding to your fantasy team?

    Ultimately, the question is, should you add Watson to your squad before he’s traded? The answer isn’t clear. However, if you like to take risks, have an open spot on your bench, and don’t mind dealing with the moral consequences of rostering a player like him, then go for it.

    If he is traded, everyone will be scrambling to add him. Might as well be ahead of the curve, right? If nothing happens, and Watson isn’t traded by the deadline on November 2, then drop him for the flavor of the week after this week’s slate of games. No harm, no foul.

    For me, in 1QB leagues, I’m avoiding him entirely. He’s just too risky. But in superflex or 2QB, I’m adding him where I feel comfortable. He’s the epitome of a high-risk, high-reward kind of player. To win the title, sometimes you have to take risks. Why not take one on Watson?

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