‘[You] Sit Behind a Microphone Gossiping Like a Little High School Chick’ – Deshaun Watson Ally Roasts Brady Quinn

An interesting afternoon with former Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn unleashing on current Browns signal-caller Deshaun Watson. Get your popcorn ready.

Former Cleveland Browns QB and Notre Dame great Brady Quinn took shots at the current Browns’ starter, Deshaun Watson. On Tuesday, the current FOX analyst didn’t pull his punches when discussing the injury fiasco surrounding the Browns’ franchise QB.

You don’t see this type of QB-on-QB crime very often, even from past signal-callers. The position is a fraternity where, like coaching, you don’t attack your own. The way Brady went after Watson seemed personal, but was it unjustified? Watson, infamous for his sexual assault allegations, has many detractors throughout the league, and Brady let the comments fly.

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What Did Brady Quinn Say About Deshaun Watson?

On FOX Sports Radio’s Two Pros and a Cup of Joe, Quinn spoke his mind regarding the Cleveland QB situation, particularly diving in on the Browns’ signal-caller’s mysterious injury. Watson has been dealing with a shoulder injury, but the bizarre reporting surrounding the injury is what has grabbed headlines.

Cleveland’s medical staff cleared Watson to play several weeks ago, but the franchise quarterback saw it differently, essentially ruling himself out until his return last week. Unfortunately for Watson and Cleveland, the QB was slammed to the turf, hitting the back of his head on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Again, the Browns’ medical staff cleared Watson of a concussion, but head coach Kevin Stefanski kept him out of the game, protecting him.

Stefanski was blunt when asked why he didn’t put Watson back in the game.

“I didn’t want to see Watson get hit.”

Watson’s play in 2023 has been wildly unpredictable, and the up-and-down performances have raised questions about whether the Cleveland QB is worth the fully guaranteed contract he signed.

“Everyone with a medical opinion has cleared Deshaun Watson,” Quinn said. “The situation is almost similar to a kid getting a $230 million trust fund. You ask them to get a job, and they have no incentive to do it.”

Quinn comparing Watson to a trust fund kid is brazen and a lock to grab social media attention. His commentary didn’t go unnoticed as Quincy Avery, a Watson ally and private QB coach, clapped back at the former Heisman Trophy finalist.

Avery wasn’t in the mood for Quinn’s bashing, immediately calling out the former NFL quarterback for his remarks about Watson’s injury. The implication was direct, suggesting that the FOX analyst didn’t have credible information or sources but was speaking pure speculation on FOX Sports Radio.

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“Brady, I’m a be real,” Avery said. “You don’t know what the f— you are talking bout, and sit behind a microphone gossiping like a little high school chick.”

Avery showed no remorse in refuting Quinn. The back and forth wasn’t complete yet, as Quinn had one more comment to share. He swiped at the Browns passer once more before calling it a day.

“How about we massage this conversation and get it to a happy ending?” Quinn posted. “Does that sound satisfactory?”

Avery criticized the joke, but social media had already declared a winner. In defending Watson, Avery all but defended his client’s actions, too, and that isn’t going to sit well with people.

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