Derek Carr’s Viral Helmet Hack Leaves Taysom Hill Stunned

    Derek Carr's unique helmet hack has gone viral and sparked a reaction from his New Orleans Saints teammate Taysom Hill.

    Derek Carr has a unique way of blocking out the noise. His helmet hack got the attention of his New Orleans Saints teammate Taysom Hill.

    What Derek Carr Does With His Helmet That Got Taysom Hill’s Attention

    Turns out Carr uses a lot of tape to block out distractions and loud venues.

    He places tape over his ear holes on his helmet. The reason? So he can hear the play being relayed to him through his helmet radio.

    This got the attention of the part-time quarterback Hill in a viral video captured by NFL reporter Arye Pulli of The Sports Place.

    “That’s to block out any noise, so I can hear it clear,” Carr told Hill.

    “You’ve always done that?” Hill asked.

    “You need to do it, brother,” Carr said. “You need to do that.”

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    Hill admitted he never knew that it was a thing to cover the ear holes. And Carr then shared that tactic helped him at a certain loud venue he played in every season he was with the Las Vegas Raiders.

    “In Kansas City, you can hear everything — the whole play,” Carr said.

    Carr Ready to Face NFC South on MNF

    After years of dealing with the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Denver Broncos in the AFC West, Carr now gets his first taste of the NFC South on Monday.

    The Saints’ meeting with the Carolina Panthers marks Carr’s first official NFC South division game with New Orleans.

    Carr, though, will aim to keep his unbeaten mark vs. the Panthers alive as he’s 2-0 against Carolina.

    In his first meeting on Nov. 27, 2016, Carr went 26 of 38 for 315 yards and two touchdowns in the 35-32 shootout win over the Panthers. Four years later, in the 2020 season opener, Carr went 22 of 30 for 239 yards and one TD in the 34-30 road win to kick off the season.

    The Saints, meanwhile, currently hold a 29-28 record against the Panthers. But Carolina has taken three of the last four meetings, including sweeping the regular season series last year.

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