DeQuan Finn’s Draft Profile | Baylor, QB Scouting Report

With his scouting report, is DeQuan Finn a sleeper to watch in the 2025 NFL Draft cycle? His lone season at Baylor will be very telling.

An illustrious three-year starter for the Toledo Rockets, is DeQuan Finn on the 2025 NFL Draft radar with his current scouting report? And what does he need to do with the Baylor Bears in 2024 to raise his stock? Here’s a look at where Finn stands.

DeQuan Finn’s Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 204 pounds
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Baylor
  • Current Year: Sixth-Year Senior

Finn distinguished himself as a rare physical talent early in his football career. As a senior at Martin Luther King High School in Detroit, Michigan, he won the 2018 Mr. Football Award for the state, racking up 3,368 total yards and 46 total touchdowns (25 through the air and 21 on the ground).

Originally, Finn committed to play football in-state at the University of Central Michigan, but a coaching change caused him to look elsewhere in the MAC. Finn eventually shifted his allegiance to Toledo, where he would sit for most of his first two seasons.

In 2021, Finn got his first legitimate action. After 2024 NFL Draft prospect and Las Vegas Raiders undrafted signee Carter Bradley started the first five games, Finn took over for the final eight. He won five of the team’s seven contests that year, throwing for 2,067 yards, 18 TDs, and just two picks.

Bradley would ultimately transfer to South Alabama, and the Rockets thrived with Finn at the helm through 2022 and 2023. Across that two-year stretch, Toledo went 19-6, earning a MAC title game appearance in 2023, with Finn racking up 4,926 passing yards, 1,195 rushing yards, and 61 total touchdowns.

Finn won many things at Toledo, but the affection of NFL evaluators remains evasive. The hope is that the talented quarterback can check one more box at Baylor in 2024, proving himself against a higher level of competition at the collegiate level.

Finn’s Scouting Report


  • Slippery and twitched-up athlete with exceptional speed and burst in the open field.
  • Relatively adept designed running threat with the creative chops to make plays.
  • Possesses above-average baseline arm strength, with good short-range velocity.
  • Has high-end arm elasticity and angle freedom, which he uses to layer passes.
  • Can use obtuse and sidearm throwing angles to widen passing windows with pace.
  • Effectively uses arm elasticity to attune tight-window throws with situational precision.
  • Has enough arm strength and elasticity to lead receivers while fading back from pressure.
  • Able to sense interior pressure quickly and remains a passing threat off-platform.
  • Occasionally has shown to plant and step up into the pocket while driving passes.
  • Knows how to bait DBs with his mobility and open up off-platform throwing windows.
  • Has flashed the ability to work left to right and land on his checkdowns efficiently.
  • Has shown to recognize Cover 2 hole-shot opportunities on the vertical plane.
  • Able to effectively lead targets upfield for RAC opportunities and loft deep passes.
  • Adaptability and malleability show up as a potential plus in off-script situations.


  • Frame is lean and wiry, which can impact play strength in contact and sack situations.
  • Arm strength is closer to average than elite, which can impact full-field drive velocity.
  • Velocity noticeably wanes on high-trajectory deep pass attempts, allowing DBs to close.
  • Can be slow to correct his footwork and base alignment out of play-action exchanges.
  • Sometimes exhibits a heel click on his dropback and has inconsistent base width.
  • Depth discipline can sometimes be an issue, drifting back too far versus interior pressure.
  • Can be inconsistent anticipating over the middle of the field, inducing hesitation.
  • Lack of consistent break anticipation can leave quality targets untested and delay reps.
  • Sometimes drops his eyes too quickly after his first read, relying on creation to a fault.
  • Energized athleticism can yield a lack of control in managing pocket space and mechanics.
  • Despite high-level flashes of precision, overall accuracy can be hot and cold.
  • Could improve his ball security when attempting to evade and create off-script.
  • Ahead of the 2024 season, hasn’t been heavily tested by power conference competition.
  • Will be a 24-year-old rookie at the start of the 2025 campaign.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Heading into the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Finn grades out as a priority undrafted free agent QB prospect. With more development on the operational side, there’s a chance he works his way into the draftable range after the 2024 campaign.

Across his five-year career at Toledo, Finn was productive and successful. He routinely showed off the high-end natural talent that he’s displayed since his high school days in Detroit.

Talent is where it starts with Finn — a passer who’s attuned to the modern NFL. At 6’2″, 204 pounds, he’s an energized, explosive athlete with great short-area agility, speed, and burst. And while his arm strength isn’t overwhelming, Finn’s arm elasticity, angle freedom, and off-platform throwing ability stand out as major strengths.

Overall, he’s an elite creative threat and relies on that ability — sometimes to a fault.

On the operational side, there’s an uncontrolled element of Finn’s game that gets in the way at times. Mechanically and as a pocket navigator, he struggles with consistency on a down-to-down basis, and he’s also not a consistent anticipator or progression passer.

Having said all this, Finn’s film shows flashes of situational precision brought on by his unique arm elasticity, which sheds light on his upside as a passer. As a late-round or PFA addition, he could have an NFL future as a developmental backup.

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