DeMarcus Ware on the Hall of Fame, Singing the National Anthem, and Family

Dallas Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware was inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame and sang the National Anthem before the Hall of Fame Game.

Dallas Cowboy legend DeMarcus Ware was one of several members of the 2023 class inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ware was not only inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame but sang the National Anthem before the Hall of Fame Game.

Ware’s speech and pregame performance capped off a wild weekend and an illustrious NFL career. PFN’s own Jess Nevarez caught up with the Hall of Famer during the media preview for the “Miller Lite House At The Star In Frisco,” and Ware shared his innermost thoughts on the weekend that was and more.

DeMarcus Ware Recounts His Career and Induction Into the Hall of Fame

Before getting into more serious topics, Ware was asked how he felt seeing his face on Miller Light beer cans.

“I sit back and just think about all the times I was in the gas station stocking the same beer, making the same displays, making the Hall of Fame, and you see the display at your party. And now they’re opening up the Miller Light House, and your beer is part of that display.”

When asked how life has been since retiring from the NFL, Ware explained how things haven’t slowed down.

“Actually, things have picked up, things have picked up a lot. I’m always doing something. Right now, I have some opportunities out there, and I’m enjoying it, but right now, I get to spend some time with the family.”

There is no shortage of emotions and experiences felt and discovered by NFL players joining the Hall of Fame, but Ware shared what he’d remember most from his induction.

“What am I going to remember the most? I’m probably going to remember my dad being there. I didn’t get to see my dad, probably since I was 18 years old in high school, and him being there, and him seeing one of the biggest moments of my life, him and my granddad. I think those are some huge moments that I’ll always remember.”

Although Ware has been retired for multiple years now, he know how current players are feeling heading into the 2023 season.

“This is the out-of-the-football-pads celebration that we have just broke down from my end. For the other guys, it’s excitement that we have our team, and they’re going to cut down to the 53-man roster, and it’s time to go. This is who we are, and it’s time to play.”

Ware on Singing the National Anthem and His HoF Speech

“Your families going to be happy if you sing it bad or not because they get to see their baby on the screen. One of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. I did it with good intention and a good reason,” Ware said about singing the National Anthem at the Hall of Fame Game.

“Aaron Rodgers said, ‘DeMarcus, I didn’t know you could sing.’ It’s not Chris Stapleton. It’s not Whitney Houston. It was a surreal moment.”

Will Ware sing the National Anthem again? Spoiler alert: No.

“Don’t ask me to sing again because I will not.”

When discussing his speech, Ware said, “I started it in February when I first found out, and it took six months. I probably wrote the speech 20 to 30 times easily.

“I started off with about 25 minutes, and they told me, ‘DeMarcus, you have to cut it down to 12.’ So I started taking names out and started creating a story that people will remember.”

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After his speech concluded, Ware recalled his immediate feelings, sharing, “It was actually a little awkward. Because right after I gave the speech, it was a sigh of relief. I meant what I said. When I gave [my dad] a big hug, it was like, ‘Ah man, I should have done this a long time ago.'”

That hug was a long time coming, as Ware and his father hadn’t seen each other since one of his early NFL games.

“Our relationship — he’s never really been in my life. It’s hard to establish a relationship with somebody you’ve never really talked to, but you try.”

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