Daniel Jeremiah Identifies 3 Teams That Could Be ‘Aggressive’ With NFL Draft Trades

Which teams could be the most aggressive in pursuing trades during the 2024 NFL Draft? Daniel Jeremiah named three to keep an eye on.

Everyone talks about trades for picks at the top of the NFL Draft, but most of the action happens later in Round 1 and throughout the rest of the weekend. On Wednesday, NFL Media’s Daniel Jeremiah, one of the top draft experts in the business, revealed three teams that fans should keep their eyes on.

Daniel Jeremiah Reveals 3 Teams That Could Be ‘Aggressive’ in NFL Draft

Jeremiah spoke with reporters for nearly two hours while answering roughly 70 questions. It was an impressive display.

At one point, Jeremiah was asked about the New York Jets and whether they could trade up for Marvin Harrison Jr. Jeremiah suggested the Jets could execute a modest trade-up — perhaps sending No. 10 to the Atlanta Falcons for No. 8 — before turning the focus toward a trio of NFC teams: Washington, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Washington Commanders

Picks: R1 (2), R2 (4), R2 (8), R3 (3), R3 (14), R3 (37), R5 (4), R5 (17), R7 (2)

Jeremiah’s take: “I’d be curious to see — I think they stick and pick. I think they take the
quarterback at 2. Then I’m curious from then on out, at 36 and 40, if you’re going to play that rookie quarterback, I still think the offensive line has to be addressed, and I’m not loving the fact of sitting at 36 and 40.

“I think they’re a prime candidate to come back up and try and scoop up one of these tackles. If you’ve got Amarius Mims, who’s floating around there in the teens, they have plenty of ammunition to be aggressive and go get a starting offensive tackle.

“That, to me, is something I would keep an eye on. I don’t see them standing pat and sticking there at 36 and 40. I think you’ll see them try and make a move and address the offensive line.”

Philadelphia Eagles

Picks: R1 (22), R2 (18), R2 (21), R4 (20), R5 (26), R5 (36), R5 (37), R6 (34)

Jeremiah’s take: “I never sleep on (general manager) Howie Roseman as a potential to go north or south. I always keep an eye on them. I think they have a pretty obvious need there at corner.

“You have somebody like Terrion Arnold or even Quinyon Mitchell, if either of those guys start to drift a little bit, I wouldn’t sleep at all on the Eagles being an aggressive team and going up there and trying to get one of those corners.”

New Orleans Saints

Picks: R1 (14), R2 (13), R5 (15), R5 (33), R5 (35), R6 (14), R6 (23), R7 (19)

Jeremiah’s take: “The other one I would say, is the Saints have historically, in their DNA, been an aggressive team. They’re in a position where they have a dire need at tackle. I think they could stay where they are at 14 and get a really good one.

“But they’re always a candidate to try to move up and get a guy that they really love.”

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