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    Damien Martinez’s Draft Profile | Miami (FL), RB Scouting Report

    With his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report, what does Miami running back Damien Martinez bring to the table? Can he be a first-round pick?

    There’s a vast variety of archetypes in the 2025 NFL Draft running back class, but with his scouting report, Damien Martinez puts himself atop the podium of available workhorse runners. What does Martinez bring to the table, and what is his ultimate ceiling?

    Damien Martinez’s Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 5’11 7/8″
    • Weight: 241 pounds
    • Position: Running Back
    • School: Miami (FL)
    • Current Year: Junior

    There was little fanfare when Martinez joined Jonathan Smith’s Oregon State Beavers as a three-star recruit in the 2022 cycle. But fast forward to two years later, and Martinez has transferred to Miami after becoming one of the most coveted transfers on the circuit.

    What happened over that two-year span? Well, for starters, the 20-year-old Martinez became one of the Pac-12’s most productive rushers right out of the gate. As a true freshman, he amassed almost 1,000 yards. In 2023, he racked up 1,185 and nine scores. In both years, he averaged over six yards per carry.

    Martinez acclimated immediately and looked like he belonged. Now, at Miami, he’ll aim to truly elevate his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report into the ranks of the elite.

    Martinez’s Scouting Report


    • Boasts rare compact mass and carries 240 pounds as if 20 pounds lighter.
    • Has superb explosiveness out of cuts and can plant and go on second-read runs.
    • Relatively fluid for his size and has shown to swerve and weave through crowds.
    • Has snappy redirection ability and swivel freedom, through which he can channel burst.
    • Moves with energetic foot speed, with which he can quickly set up and engineer cuts.
    • Smooth, agile second-level navigator who can juke and spin around surging threats.
    • Can use his combined fluidity, spatial awareness, and feel to flow upfield in space.
    • Initial and full-field vision both show up as strengths in different diagnostic situations.
    • Has the vision to divert inside and sift through congestion when the outside is blocked.
    • Possesses instinctive cutback ability and is quick to process and identify opportunities.
    • Has shown to process early contact threats and pause to slide past attackers.
    • Uber-tenacious, physical runner who can lower his shoulder and levy brutal stiff-arms.
    • Is incredibly difficult to take down on first contact with his mass, density, and leg churn.
    • In a limited sample, flashes the ability to take short screens and generate RAC yards.
    • At the very least, is a willing pass protector whose size and mass translate well.


    • Visibly lacks elite long speed, which can impact his ability to reach the boundary.
    • Slight hip stiffness derived from frame can cause delays on sharp lateral transitions.
    • Despite fluidity, doesn’t quite have the flexibility to make successive sharp transitions.
    • Agility and fluidity are more potent working vertically and not as much when offsetting.
    • Sometimes defers to congestion early in reps, when wide cutback lanes are open.
    • On occasion, is too passive and patient, and drifts behind the line on wide-zone runs.
    • At times, runs too upright when punching through lanes, inhibiting leg drive.
    • Isn’t a high-volume or proven receiving threat, with just 15 career receptions.
    • Doesn’t have a vast route tree and can bring better energy selling on option plays.
    • Sometimes merely seeks to chip and obstruct in pass protection, failing to sustain.
    • Doesn’t always bring and load his base on extensions, allowing defenders to pry past.
    • Needs to improve his pad level and hip leverage maintenance as a pass protector.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Entering the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Martinez grades out as a top-64 prospect and could be in contention for early-to-mid Day 2 capital. On passing downs, Martinez’s value remains unclear, but he’s one of the best-built volume backs in the 2025 class.

    At almost 6’0″, 241 pounds, Martinez has truly elite size, with very little bad weight on his frame. He’s a hyper-dense brawler who combines tenacious physicality and contact balance with smooth, gliding second-level mobility and searing post-transition explosiveness.

    Martinez isn’t just a reckless homing missile, either. He has a great foundation of vision and creative instincts, which he can use to both identify early cutback lanes and swim through congestion by feeling out nearby defenders and creating leverage advantages for himself.

    At the moment, Martinez’s utility as a three-down back is his biggest question mark. While he’s a willing pass blocker, his technique still needs a great deal of improvement, and he has very little volume or versatility as a receiving threat out of the backfield.

    That said, as a pure runner and offensive engine in zone-heavy schemes, Martinez has an enthralling mix of size, explosiveness, fluidity, creative freedom, vision, and finishing physicality. He can be a strong early-down back right out of the gate, and three-down workhorse potential is there.

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