‘It’s Simple … Winning’ – Dak Prescott on How He Defines Complementary Football

Dak Prescott discusses how the Dallas Cowboys played complementary football and who were key contributors in their 30-10 win over the Jets.

Dak Prescott continues to play at an elite level, allowing the Dallas Cowboys to beat the New York Jets 30-10 in Week 2 of the regular season. 

What Is Complementary Football to Dak Prescott?

The team played complementary between two receiving touchdowns on offense, two interceptions and three sacks on the defense, and five successful field goals.

The Cowboys have outscored their first two opponents 70-10, and their over-60 margin of victory is the second-highest margin of victory through the first two games in franchise history.

The first highest was the 1968 team, who had over 67 points.

Although it was a team effort to win, all eyes remain on the offense, who needed to show improvement this season to make a well-rounded team that could dominate in all three phases of the game.

When Prescott was asked how he defined complementary football, he had four words: “Winning. It’s simple. Winning.”

Prescott is aware that there is still room for improvement on the offensive side of the ball, saying, “We’ve got to score more. We’ve got to get more touchdowns rather than field goals. But, at the end of the day, this league is about getting the job done, winning the game, and being complementary of your defense. I think we did that.”

How Does Prescott Feel About the Year-Long Interception Conversations?

The quarterback is playing at an elite level. His 81.6% completion percentage was the sixth highest of his career.

Prescott was 31 of 38 attempts with 255 passing yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions for the night. He mentioned head coach Mike McCarthy’s goal for him tonight was 20 completions, which he surpassed.

But Prescott’s record-high number of interceptions from last season still comes up in conversation, something he is clearly done talking about, considering it is well in the past.

“Well, you know, last year is last year. It’s something I’ve left. [With] the interceptions, I guess when you lead the league, it’ll never go away. But, as I stated last year, every one of them has their story, but that’s not where my mind is. That’s not something that I think about. I’m just being candid; I don’t really care about the questions about them at this point,” said Prescott.

He went on to say that he knows how efficient the offense is, and because of that, he will still give the receivers space to make big plays and will still take deep shots downfield to do that.

Prescott’s Offensive Playmakers

CeeDee Lamb was one of Prescott’s biggest playmakers of the night, having 143 yards on 11 receptions.

Prescott was asked about using Lamb’s versatility in favorable matchups like he did against the Jets, and he didn’t shy away from calling Lamb “one of the best in the game.”

“It goes back into preparation and the game plan. Credit to the coaches and the plans they put together, understanding that we’re going to be able to attack them and get our players in favorable positions. I don’t know if there’s going to be a game where I don’t think CeeDee isn’t the favorable matchup,” Prescott added.

Another group that is a versatile threat for Prescott is the tight end room.

Tight ends caught both receiving touchdowns, one by Jake Ferguson and the other by Luke Schoonmaker, the first of his NFL career.

The quarterback says he was taking what the Jets defense gave him, and the opportunities were spread out between everyone. The tight ends just so happened to make the plays when it mattered.

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Prescott even recalled Ferguson’s near catch in the end zone to get another touchdown, mentioning, “[It’s a] young group, but a group that is very, very confident in themselves. I’m very confident in them. They’re only going to do that. There really should have been a third [touchdown].

“I missed [Jake Ferguson] on another one down in the red zone coming out of the second half. That’s their standard, and they’ll continue to play like they did this week for the rest of the season, rather than last season.”

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